a breeze filled with memories

as soon as i step out the door, a familiar cool breeze goes past. memories collide and are now once again replaying through my head. memories of us playing in the sand. racing down slides and seeing who could jump off the swing the furthest. memories of playing soccer on the field with everyone we could possibly get to play. memories of going to and coming back from school. the times that we had to hold on to one another so we wouldn’t fly away. memories in school of jump rope for heart and those terry fox marathons. the times we had playing around the field. or just walking lengths and spilling out our secrets with one another. memories of running around with one another because why not. memories of our horse adventures. memories of play days, where we’d end up freezing after having water fights with one another. memories of the times at the park, and pushing each other into the water. memories of us when we were younger. memories of us together. memories of us when it was just the two of us, against the world.

– friday august thirty-first twenty-eighteen

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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Wow this was beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I love your posts.

    1. thank you! I really appreciate it <3

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