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a denim kind of love

throughout my entire life (as of now), I have always loved wearing anything and everything that was made out of a denim material. if you don’t know what denim is, it is basically the material that jeans are made of. a bit thick and a little uncomfortable until washed a million times when it softens up a bit.

some denim pieces that I absolutely love include denim jackets, vests, dresses, shirts, jeans and everything in between. it has always been a part of my everyday outfit in some way or another. usually the denim in my outfit can be found in my jeans.  over the years I have also had denim satchels, pencil cases, backpacks and more… it might be a problem.

looking back, my love for denim may have started around the time I got my first denim jacket. i remember wearing it from the fourth grade, where it was quite oversized until about the eighth or ninth grade where it got too tight and unflattering. it was a simple blue denim colour, just a little lighter than the one shown in this post, and had a thicker material than most denim jackets. my favourite part about this jacket was all the sparkles and glitter it had all over it. although i did grow out of it both physically and age wise, i still miss wearing it.

it was one of the most worn and staple pieces in my wardrobe at the time. it went with me everywhere and anytime of the year (expect for the cold harsh Canadian winters). it had many memories attached with it. from hanging out with my best friend to school fieldtrips, to family outings to riding my bike in the large parking lot near us.

only recently, I’ve realized why i love wearing jeans or anything denim. first of all, I’ve grown comfortable with it. it’s a look perfect for everything and for any mood i may by in. from being confident and happy, to not feeling so great. to me, any denim piece has become a safe place. another reason could just be due to how it’s just become a part of my everyday look. without hesitating it’s become the first thing i grab at the start of the day. the reason why denim jackets and my denim backpack have become a favourite staple is because of the memories attached. there have been way too many places I’ve been to and too many people I’ve met while having these pieces with me. these memories are now stitched into them and its now hard to let go.


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