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Dear Reader,

I honestly do not like change. At all. It gives me anxiety and fear of the unknown that is about to come in the near future. Moving. New people. New places. Fear. However, this posts isn’t necessarily about the change in my life that I detest.

This post is about the change of this blog. I love it and ifs format a lot. The platform gives me a chance to express myself through words and art and fashion. Everything that I love. It’s like a journal, diary and sketchbook all put into one. A place to put memories. However, it is not exactly where I want it to be just yet.

Some changes that will be added to this blog:

  • more fashion illustrations (both sketches and full colour)
  • more Polyvore looks and collections
  • more reviews of books, movies, podcasts, inspiration, fashion and more
  • more artwork that I have created (watercolour, ink, acrylic, online etc.)
  • videos. (yes, YouTube) I will be making a lot of aesthetic videos of my days/what I’ve been able to film, look books, art and more
  • Instagram. I will be posting some art work from time to time as well as some outfits and such. There will be no Polyvore looks on it.

I may add some more additions in the future, but for now this is what I am planning. For both my YouTube and Instagram, I will let you know once I have started one.

A final note, I may be updating the format of my blog a bit and making it more me. I can’t wait to start on upcoming projects! 🙂

Dear Reader, look forward for new additions to this blog!


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