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august 2017 mood board



the end of the summer. only one month left, until a new start. a new beginning. new people. new places to see. new friends. new experiences. a new chapter in my story. changes are rough, and its hard to adjust. its hard to make new friends. and its hard to forget about the past and wish the people and setting was the same. this past month and this coming month so many changes are coming. re-decorating of the building we’ve lived in for the past ten years. the place i grew up. the walls and paintings are changing. the city around me is changing. new buildings. new businesses. new people. and most of all, the change of people around me that have been with me since day one. the hardest thing to let go. let’s hope these changes are for the better. only time will tell.

prompt: august rolls over and yawns. wakes slow and heavy, stretching like a cat. outside, the sound of birds, the smell of grass. august turns over in an empty bed. his eyes feel swollen and tired. on the nightstand, a note from july – no one carries light like you do. (found here)


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