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    day five – chicken

    dear reader, I know what you all are wondering, in what way could someone represent a chicken in a decent modest fashion look? well, I have figured it out. it wasn’t easy to say the least. I went through many different roughs and ideas before I finally settled on this look. it’s not exactly perfect, but it does work. I took the theme of chicken, and sort of went … left. think about chicken wire and the boning technique used in some avand grade pieces before looking at the illustration below. – day five : chicken – media: XL Canson Mix Media sketchbook, Pental Arts Colour Brush (#101 black), Muji…

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    day four – spell

    dear reader, this might be my favourite look in terms of it being heavily inspired by a very close place in my heart. the place is hogwarts. i mean, i did say that this blog and my instagram feed is slowly showing how much of a hufflepuff I am (right now just with the colour palette). don’t worry, more will definitely be coming soon! anyways, back to the look. it is greatly inspired by everything inspired by harry potter, and hogwarts. i mean the entire look is black and yellow! I took inspiration from the classic snape turn in the first movie with his robe swirling around majestically behind him.…

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    day three – toasted

    dear reader, a new inkvember is here! who would have thought it would be coming so soon, with all the work I have! yet here I am once again procrastinating doing this instead of working on my assignments. anyways, this is one of my favourite looks so I hope that you all will love it as much as I do! it is of the theme toasted, which I think the look represents well. I feel like this look would be perfect for the super cold windy snowstorm days here in Canada. pushing through the snow coming down hard, but still looking cute in this look! – day three : toasted…

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    day two – tranquil

    dear reader, days pass by filled with math equations left and right. filled with studying for midterms and few hours of sleep. filled with work and at-home tutoring. filled with starting new projects each and everyday. filled with days of no sleep and just constant studying. filled with “self-care” days turned into seeing people and catching up on inktober. that’s how my life has been like for the past few weeks. whenever I have even the littlest bit of time, i’m trying to stay in touch with friends, or trying to catch up on inktober. I am still very behind on it, but it’s going. I really am hoping for…

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    a few changes (another lil update)

    dear reader, soooo, remember when I said I would be continuing to do mini reviews on the spring summer 2019 fashion week this season? well, I kind of won’t be doing it anymore because when I say I don’t have time, I mean it. I mean I don’t even have time for myself, I’ve been sick now for more than a week and it’s not fun. these posts take loads of time, so there’s absolutely no way I would be able to make the time for them. another reason I kind of decided to end it, is that I really want to do inktober this year and if I do…

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    day one – poisonous

    dear reader, happy inktober! i’m so excited for this month! i’ve been waiting for this for a long time because I’ve had art block for a while, and with inktober and fashion week happening i’m so inspired and want to put out all my ideas! i would like to say that i won’t be posting an inktober piece every single day, on both this blog and my Instagram. this is because I am honestly probably the busiest this month. however, i will be posting a collection of them together every few days as posts on Instagram. of course, I will do a final post for the final collection of inktober…

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    a breeze filled with memories

    as soon as i step out the door, a familiar cool breeze goes past. memories collide and are now once again replaying through my head. memories of us playing in the sand. racing down slides and seeing who could jump off the swing the furthest. memories of playing soccer on the field with everyone we could possibly get to play. memories of going to and coming back from school. the times that we had to hold on to one another so we wouldn’t fly away. memories in school of jump rope for heart and those terry fox marathons. the times we had playing around the field. or just walking lengths…

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    week one of year two

    a week of anxiety. a week of late entries. a week where everything somehow happens to go wrong. that’s what my first week has been going as. the fact that i’ve tried to write this simple post more than three times says enough. as for everything else, let’s just say that i arrived at both class and work late a few times because traffic and i forgot that rush hour is still a thing. and that it’s worse once the school year begins. i’ve already attended all of my classes at least once for the upcoming term. some of them seem pretty easy and don’t have much more i need…

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    an end to august

    dear reader, the first time, fourteen posts. the second time, eighteen. the third time, thirty-one posts! it’s true i guess, third times a charm! this time i finally did it. i finally was able to complete beda, blogging every day for a month in august. there were a lot of times where i was unsure of what to post, and even some late night posts. there were many stressful times during this month where i didn’t even know why i decided to do this. i mean, i had to complete four courses, with an exam or test in each one. i had to my own personal job that i’ve been doing…

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    just a few summer favourites

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