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    favourite podcasts

    Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig link: https://www.nottoodeep.com/ Not Too Deep is a podcast with youtuber Grace Helbig, where she asks the most bizarre and random questions. I absolutely love it for a great laugh and just a great pick me up. She has an amazing sense of humour and basically loves to have fun with her guests. She also gets a bunch of questions from her guest's audiences which is perfect for learning about some new inside jokes. Some of my favourite episodes that are great for a laugh include ones with Mitchell Davis and Mamrie Hart. Ear Biscuits link: https://www.mythical.com/shows-ear-biscuits Ear Biscuits is a podcast done by duo Rhett and…

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    the sunday sketch – one

    here’s a lil sketch series that i’m starting. the sunday sketch kinda sounds like a lil sketch magazine i’m starting! anyways, this sketch is of me or any girl just sitting and looking cute. i definitely did not use tape to cover the face that i messed up real bad… anyways, i used my muji gel pen in 0.38, and the muji washi tape to help create this piece. my sketchbook is the xl canson mix media sketchbook. i can’t wait to keep doing this in the near future! if anyone wants to start doing mini sketches on sundays, tag me as well as the hashtag #thesundaysketch. can’t wait to see what will come with this if the future! samsta<3

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    a lil art adventure

    tuesday, july seventeen, twenty-eighteen today one of my good friend (@nagayamaaa on instagram #spon) and I went on a little art adventure together. we first went the local art gallery where we found only a small art exhibit and ended up staying for about half an hour just talking and looking through each other's sketchbooks. we ended up going to a nearby library and collecting a bunch of books about film, art, photography and ended up sitting for hours and just drawing. cause why not. this is what we do. afterwords we ended up going to the mall to get timmies and ended up having a washi tape hunt. i left out a…

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    a mini summer moodboard

    summer /ˈsəmər/ full of memories. long chats outside of tims. going to bookstores and talking for hours. movie marathons. long conversations late at night. laughter at the most random times. a text in the morning. long hour video calls to the friend many miles away. lazing around on the weekend doing nothing. reading books. spending time with your loved ones. long bike rides. barbeques and picnics. seeing old friends. taking polaroids. creating art with a friend. happiness radiating all around. PINTEREST BOARD summer twenty-eighteen pinterest mood board

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    more like friend week

    a lil note before we begin: this post was written about my reading week in march of twenty-eighteen. definitely a time that i will forever remember. thanks friends! we hadn’t seen each other since the start of our university careers. it’s been hard getting used to being in a new place without any of you. for the first few months it was really hard on us all, based on our constant messages in between classes. being away from you all is starting to become slightly normal. however, not being able to see you everyday has still not processed in my mind. seeing you all in reading week, was so nice and i’m…

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    blogging everyday in august – twenty-eighteen

    Dear Reader, Here I am again committing to this challenge of posting something new every day this month. I’ve decided that after being away for almost four months, I would take a month to post every single day. I’m so excited to post again that I have been writing up and saving up these posts just for this. I really hope that this time I will actually be able to fully commit and complete this challenge. I know that I have some important events happening during this month, but I will try my best to have posts ready from beforehand. This month i’m hoping to post more writing that I have…

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    Paris Couture Haute AW 2018 – Part II

    Dear Reader, The second part of my review for the Paris Couture Haute Fashion Week FW 2018 is here! The website that informed me of all designers was Mode à Paris, and the pictures were taken from the reviews on Vogue.  Here is a specific link: Fall 2018 Couture. Also, a little reminder that the names of each designer are also linked to their personal website, which will take you to another page. As well as, some designs may have a short note as to why I am in love with the look, so please click to look closely at the designs and read my review of the particular design. – Elie Saab – Elie…

  • Fashion Week

    Paris Couture Haute AW 2018 – Part I

    Dear Reader, Paris Couture Haute 2018 was an amazing week! It went from July 1 – 11. The website that informed me of all designers was Mode à Paris, and the pictures were taken from the reviews on Vogue.  Here is a specific link: Fall 2018 Couture. I loved looking through all the designs that were shown and a couple stood out to me the most. I would just like to point out that these are my opinions on these designs which just so happen to be my favourite and the ones I fell in love with. Also, a little reminder that the names of each designer are also linked to their personal website, which…

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    the process of conquering your fears – step two

    the one fear that i always have had is, change. one huge thing i’ve struggled with for a long time and will probably always have trouble with. there’s been a lot of changes this past year already in my life and changing up samsta is just one of them. this has always been a big goal of mine once i started this blog a couple years ago. the only problem i had with it was, what if something went wrong? what if it didn’t work out? what if samsta would just become one of those blogs where only one person comes to look at it… and it’s just me. a lot of what-ifs…