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Casual Spring Look In Blue

Dear Reader,

Today I bring to you another outfit ensemble that I created and named Casual Spring Look In Blue.

casual blue spring look

This outfit is blue and white with a little black added. I love this outfit as it shows your girly side but also sticks to being modest with the skinny jeans that were added. The dress has a few shades of blue which pops out against the starch white base of the dress. It compliments nicely with the rings as well, as they are all shades of blue. The cardigan matches a shade of the blue on the dress and completes the outfit as it is a little above the waist and is the perfect size. The flats match nicely as well, with a little wedge giving it a height as it compliments with the girly side of the outfit. The hair is the perfect match with the outfit as it is a casual look with it half up and half down, going along with the outfit.

TBDress: Patchwork Print Backless Lace-up Women’s Day Dress – $28.89

Farfetch: Oscar De La Renta Bolero Cardigan – $1,124.00

Forever 21: Classic Skinny Jeans – $9.90

Ardene: Black leather mini wedge ballerina flats with bow & crystals – $29.50

Ardene: 4-pack blue oval stone rings – $6.99

Overall, I think the outfit looks great for spring and maybe for the summer as well.

Dear Reader, what do you think?


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