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    a mini summer moodboard

    summer /ˈsəmər/ full of memories. long chats outside of tims. going to bookstores and talking for hours. movie marathons. long conversations late at night. laughter at the most random times. a text in the morning. long hour video calls to the friend many miles away. lazing around on the weekend doing nothing. reading books. spending time with your loved ones. long bike rides. barbeques and picnics. seeing old friends. taking polaroids. creating art with a friend. happiness radiating all around. PINTEREST BOARD summer twenty-eighteen pinterest mood board

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    december 2017 – mood board

    december /dəˈsembər/ the month of november was a busy and stressful time. I barely got to talk to friends, and I barely got to hang out with my family. however, we always ended up making time for family movie nights on the weekend. it was a month filled with assignments and tests and exams and very few breaks. i got to spend some time, as in many many hours, working together in libraries and in the student lounge. we worked but also talked. felt weird to be putting myself out there to the people that i just met, and not the ones i have known for years. this was also…

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    november 2017 – mood board

    november /nōˈvembər,nəˈvembər/ october was a month filled with new experiences and memories made with new friends. it was a time filled with many assignments, tests and a big to-do list. while this was all happening, I stayed in touch with all my high school friends, planning and texting when we would next meet. of course I miss them all terribly, but when starting a new adventure at a new place, I have to remember to meet other people, and I am proud to say I have. I know I will never have the same relationship that I had with them ever again, but its worth it to make some new friends along…

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    october 2017 – mood board

    october /äkˈtōbər/ september has finally finished. already many occurrences of awkwardness, hunched shoulders and tears, have arisen. yet I still have managed to become a leader for a group of people. why? i still don’t know. i stood in front of the class shivering in fear with my body turned inwards, and a stuttered introduction. this month has been filled of many new people and new experiences. i have gotten lost plenty of times. i have had to introduce myself to many new people. i have inhaled one to many ice capps. i have listened to multiple podcasts while commuting to keep myself from falling asleep. i have broken down a…

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    september 2017 mood board

    september /sepˈtembər/ the dreaded month has arrived where new beginnings will take place and new memories will be made with new people that I have yet to meet. this month will be hard for so many different reasons. this is a huge change in all aspects of my life and I have been dreading it since the topic had first come up. the feeling of anxiety and panic that has risen every time I have thought about it, will now probably get worse due to the fact that now i’m actually living it. I made myself some goals for this month since I knew it would be hard. number one:…

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    august 2017 mood board

    august ˈôɡəst/ the end of the summer. only one month left, until a new start. a new beginning. new people. new places to see. new friends. new experiences. a new chapter in my story. changes are rough, and its hard to adjust. its hard to make new friends. and its hard to forget about the past and wish the people and setting was the same. this past month and this coming month so many changes are coming. re-decorating of the building we’ve lived in for the past ten years. the place i grew up. the walls and paintings are changing. the city around me is changing. new buildings. new businesses.…

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    july 2017 mood board

    july /jəˈlī/ here we are. finally. a time to relax and reflect on the past year of my final year at the school that helped me but also burdened me with dreaded assignments and exams. the place where lasting friendships were made through my classmates and mentors. the place where memories of all of us are kept within the faded walls. memories of laughter and tears. the ones where we sat discussing our future, past and present. where we poured our heart out to others in hopes that they felt the same and we were not alone. it’s the place where in the future we will come back and say…

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    june 2017 mood board

    june jo͞on/ once again, a busy month has passed. a month filled with homework, assignments, quizzes and tests and the preparation of four exams. just around the corner, they are starting to peak out creeping into my thoughts. calm. that’s what I have to be. but also focused and studying hard. these are my last few exams of this school. I should be able to pass these courses with flying colours. one in art. the other in psychology. and the other two in business and economics. the latter is the dreaded one. time to start working. apart from the school aspect, the life side has also been filled. from crazy…

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    may 2017 mood board

    may /mā/ a busy month has passed by in a blur. filled with procrastinated reports and culminating’s that did not want to be completed. books that were going to be read but ended up under a pile of textbooks instead. acceptances and rejections came through. it’s okay. you’ll make it through. they had hope for me, and I had too much hope for myself. the rejection let myself go down for a night filled with tears and therapeutic art. that night is over and left behind. time to try again and move on forward. i’ll continue what i’m doing none the less, but I still won’t be over that hope…

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    april 2017 mood board

    april /ˈāprəl/ a new month. a new season. a new beginning. the beginning of spring always gets me. though all the pollen of new emerging flowers gets my allergies running, its a beautiful time to spend in the park. the smell of fresh grass and a sight for sore eyes after a long dull winter. the signs of life are coming back. the sign of my life and my existence is coming back. it’s been a busy few weeks. this month no less will be tiring all the same. just imagine, after all that’s been going on is over, you will have a month of relaxation and spending time with…