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the month of november was a busy and stressful time. I barely got to talk to friends, and I barely got to hang out with my family. however, we always ended up making time for family movie nights on the weekend. it was a month filled with assignments and tests and exams and very few breaks. i got to spend some time, as in many many hours, working together in libraries and in the student lounge. we worked but also talked. felt weird to be putting myself out there to the people that i just met, and not the ones i have known for years. this was also a really emotional month for me which was different for me. i am an emotional person, but i haven’t been for a long while. i have had my fair share of bad days and sleepless nights. the brain decided to be active again, and my emotions have suddenly shown up after being gone for months. it wasn’t a good time to come back as i was too busy and had to much on my plate, than to be an emotional mess. december will be fun i know. friends and family and snow and just the feeling of happiness and joy all around. i can’t wait to see everyone i love again after so long.

prompt: november was an emotional mess hidden in the far corner of the room, while everyone else stood and stared at on another. i thought, as the host and the most fun of the group, this get together would be amazing. however, the reflection of the year between us all has caused sadness, but also happiness, but also frustration and just pure excitement. so, thanks to january, february, march, and april. june, july, august and september. october, november and finally me, december. thanks for the year filled of ups and downs, and family and friends. thanks for everything you have done.


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  • VanillaVadz

    Heya! I’m loving the monochrome layout of your blog! I can definitely relate to this post though. This month was very rough for me as well for some reason, a real roller coaster of emotion. And I can’t wait to embrace the new year and all the new ups and downs it’s going to bring <3

    • saamstaa

      thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
      also, would just like to say that you will get through it all! if you ever need to talk to someone you can message me on my twitter 🙂 and good luck to you! I hope you have an amazing month and year ahead <3

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