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Dubai Modest Fashion Week (2017) – Part 2

Dear Reader,

Here is the final mini-collection of my favourite designs that were showcased at Dubai Fashion Week from December 8th to December 9th. I would say that this fashion week was definitely a success with the amount of designers and influences that attended to support the show. Not only that, but it once again helped to show that being modest can also mean being fashionable. I thank and appreciate all these Muslim designers and Muslim fashion lovers greatly for showing the world who we are and that as Muslims we also love fashion.

Once again, as it is a mini-collection, the list of designers and their links are added before the collection is seen. If you click on a picture, the designers name should show up. The pictures were collected from the official website and Instagram.

The website I used to look up designers, their designs, was called Dubai Modest Fashion Week.

Click on a photo to find out the designers name.

| Mizaan : website. Instagram. | Murcyleen Peerzada : website. Instagram. | Muslima Wear : website. Instagram. twitter. | Pera Mood : Instagram. | Rana Zone : Instagram. | Rasit Bagzibagli : website. Instagram. twitter. | Sara Al Madani : Instagram. | Sumayya & SSS : Instagram. | Sumayya : website. Instagram. | SSS : website. Instagram. | Zaskia Sungkar : website. Instagram. twitter. | Zeina Ali : facebook.

Modanisa Fashion Week | website. facebook. youtube. instagram. 

Modest Fashion Week | facebook. youtube. Instagram.

Dubai Modest Fashion Week | website.

Dear Reader, look forward to the next modest fashion weeks.


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