Eid – Ul – Udha

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So, Eid – Ul – Udha is coming this week! I am sooo excited! I get to wear a new suit. I get to take the day off from school. People are getting sooo many rewards from doing hajj. GAH! The excitement is too real people! I cannot wait! Did I say that I get a day off from school?!

So, because Eid is so close, and I am just too excited, I decided to compile a list of some basic facts and some more ways to get reward during the days before Eid – Ul – Udha. I got this knowledge from the fact that my parents have already gone for hajj and also from an Islamic class that I used to attend. There is also a book that I own called Tell Me About Hajj by Saniyasnain Khan.

1. During the days before Eid – Ul – Udha, so the days of the month of Dual – Hujjah  (mainly the 9th) we should fast as it is a sunnah to do so.

2. People doing hajj do not have to pray the Eid prayer on the day of Eid, instead they are part of the khutbah that takes place during Hajj.

3. Hajj is one of the 5 pillars of islam.

4. Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail build that kabah together along with many other men at that time.

5. Prophet Ibrahim’s foot print is in a glass case for people to see in the area surrounding the kahah. It was hardened by the concrete from when they first build the kabah and still is around to see.

6. Zamzam is sacrad water that we drink while stationed in Makkah. Many people bring home the water and distribute it among others.

7. On one of the three days of Eid – Ul – Udha (preferably the first), we sacrifice an animal. Usually it is either a goat, sheep or cow.

8. After sacrificing the animal (goat or sheep), we distribute it in three parts. One part to the poor, one part to relatives, neighbors or friends, and one for the family who sacrificed the animal. (Not completely sure how the cow sacrificing works.)

9. The door of the kabah is around 7 ft. above the ground. It is usually covered with a cloth. The door has verses from the Qur’an written upon it.

10. Dua that is read during Hajj.

Labbaik, Allahumma labbaik, labbaika la shareeka laka labbaik, innal hamda wanne’matah laka wal mulk, la shareeka laka
Here I am, O Allah! Here I am; Here I am, there is no partner unto You, Here I am; all praise and favours and sovereignty belongs to You, there is no partner unto You.

Honestly, I have sooo many more facts that I would love to just post on here and share with you all. But, these days are also important in the way of school as I have many projects going on and extra curricular activities. So, inshallah, if I will be continuing this blog during this time next year, I will be sure to post more facts about Eid – Ul – Udha, that I know you all will enjoy.

Also, remember to pray for all those in Saudi Arabia who are doing Hajj that they are safe and they will be able to complete their Hajj with the intention in mind.


eid ul udha


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