Fashion Week

Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2018

Dear Reader,

Fashion Week has begun! It has been a while since it has started, and I’ve been loving every moment. My friend and I have been sharing photos of our favourite designs from the first day, and we are living for every design and every moment of fashion week. This is how I have been getting through this month and my midterms. Anyways, I would just like to say that these posts will take some time to do, so please do not expect these posts to come all at once as they take some time and I have been quite busy lately.

Anyways, I am really excited to share with you guys my thoughts on everything! Let me tell you, I have already looked through many that have already come out and I am in love!  Here are all dates that the fashion weeks will be running including their website particular for the cities fashion weeks.

New York: February 8 – 16

London: February 16 – 20

Milan: February 21 – 27

Paris: February 27 – March 6

Here is the website where you are able to watch the fashion shows live: Fashion Week Online

Here are links to past fashion weeks as well: SS2016. FW 2016. SS2017. FW2017. SS2018.

Dear Reader, enjoy Fashion Week!


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