Fashion Week

Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2016

Dear Reader,

I know I posted a few days ago that I would do Troye Sivan inspired sets, but I have decided to postpone it because of fashion week.

So, today my friend reminded me about the Fall and Winter Fashion Week for 2016, which is starting in a few days, beginning with New York. Here are the dates that the fashion weeks will be running including their website particular for the cities fashion weeks.

New York - February 10 - February 18

London - February 19  - February 23

Milan - February 24 - March 1

Paris - March 1 - March 9

Here is the website where you are able to watch the fashion shows live: Fashion Week Online

Also, you can look through all the posts from the Spring and Summer Fashion Week for 2016 here.

Dear Reader, enjoy the next few weeks.



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