Fashion Week

Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2017

Dear Reader,

Fashion Week has begun! I decided to post this introduction post so late, as I wanted to post a couple other things before these reviews started posting. If you can tell I am a very organized freak who likes to keep her things in order. That’s why I don’t like posting anything between reviews of Fashion Week.

Anyways, I am really excited to share with you guys my thoughts on everything! Let me tell you, I have already looked through many that have already come out and I am in love.  Here are all dates that the fashion weeks will be running including their website particular for the cities fashion weeks.

New York: February 9 – 17

London: February 19 – 21

Milan: February 22 – 28

Paris: February 28 – March 8

Here is the website where you are able to watch the fashion shows live: Fashion Week Online

Here are links to past fashion weeks as well: SS2016. FW 2016. SS2017.

Dear Reader, enjoy Fashion Week!samsta<3

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