How To Survive The Last Weeks of School

Dear Reader,

So, just a note before I start. I actually started going back to school last week, and the teachers have been putting so much pressure on us that its actually unbelievable. Last night I was up until 3: 30 am just studying for my history test today which went okay… Inshallah. Honestly though, it was so stressful for me… But, Alhamdulillah I had three of my friends stay up with me and we were studying together online. Now, time to prepare for my math quiz, French presentation and finish my history project. So, who wants to take my history project to do? Just joking, Inshallah I will manage cause I still have the weekend.

Enough of my ranting about school. Time to start by telling you how to survive the last few weeks of school with exams, teachers, assignments and just life during that time.

1) Do No Procrastinate.

I’m serious guys though. Do not procrastinate. I know you hear it all the time, but seriously its crazy when you don’t finish you assignments or studying for a test on time. Take for example my history test preparation. Have your notes done before hand and start looking through and practising everything before exam time or test time comes. It will help so much, and you won’t have to cram everything in your brain the night before at 2 in the morning.

2) Sleep well.

Remember to sleep well, you don’t want to have dark deep under eye bags. Also, it will help you remember more of what you studied for. Another thing, it will just generally help you be more energetic and able to concentrate on work.

3) Work Hard.

Work hard guys. It will defiantly pay off later on. Study as much as you can, don’t waste your time on Facebook, YouTube, Wattpad… otherwise, you won’t have time to study. Remember, that summer is right around the corner. If your parents are strict then they may not let you do some things if your marks aren’t good. Also, work hard, relax later. But, also remember to take breaks otherwise you will be mentally drained.

Confession: Never pulling an all-nighters again.

without school -day

Dear Reader, hopefully these few tips will help you guys survive the last few weeks. And remember that you break is coming up soon!


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