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Jakarta Modest Fashion Week (2017)

Dear Reader,

Jakarta Modest Fashion Week took place from July 26 to July 29. This fashion week is under a collection of five that happen worldwide under Modanisa Fashion Week. It was an eventful few days, filled with fashion shows, talk shows and so much more. Many Muslim influencers and bloggers attended and showed us what was happening behind the scenes, and what they thought of the looks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go. So I watched behind the screens and tried to soak in the amazing designs and styles of all the looks coming down the runway.

First of all, for those who don’t know, modest is a term to describe someone being humble and avoiding indecency. One way for one to appear modest, would be the way they may dress. Muslim women in particular usually dress in loose clothing and clothing that is not too flashy in a sense. Some also choose to wear the hijab which covers one’s head, hair and chest area. This is just a little description of what you may see from this fashion week.

I would just like to say that overall, I thought the collections and designs were absolutely breathtaking. I especially fell in love with the gowns and dresses that were shown, as they all look so beautiful and elegant. Also, I’m just obsessed with formal and semi-formal wear. I saw a lot of different styles that I’ve never seen before and was actually so excited to see.

I would just like to say that the designers did an amazing job presenting their collections, and showing the world how fashion can be both modest and fashionable.

The next few posts will be mini-collections of my favourite designs and styles by the designers at Jakarta Fashion Week. I have also done a review on the past fashion week that was done in Dubai. Click here to read the Dubai Modest Fashion Week Reviews.

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Dear Reader, look forward to the next few posts.


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