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Jakarta Modest Fashion Week (2018) – Part I

Dear Reader,

Here is a mini-collection of my favourite designs that were showcased at Jakarta Fashion Week from July 26 – July 29. As it is a mini-collection, the list of designers and their links are added before the collection is seen. If you click on a picture, the designer’s name should show up. The pictures were collected from the official website and Instagram.

The website I used to look up designers, their designs, was called Jakarta Modest Fashion Week.

Click on a photo to find out the designers name.

| 2Madison Avenue : website. instagram. | Adrianna Yariqa : website. instagram. | Desert Cove Fashion : website. instagram. | Dilbar : instagram. | Divinity : website. instagram.| Elda Store : website. instagram. | Medina Zein : instagram. |

Modanisa Fashion Week | website. facebook. youtube. instagram. 

Modest Fashion Week | facebook. youtube. instagram.

Jakarta Modest Fashion Week | website.

Dear Reader, look forward to the final post!


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