life update

dear reader,

as seen through the many posts in the past few weeks or months, I have been going through a change within my life. a graduation to the next level has come out of it, and it is both for better and for worse. at the moment, it seems for the worse due to none of my friends or experiences coming along with me for the future experiences.

yes, a new start and a change is good for ones soul, or so they say. for me I am one who likes to stick to comfort and I have just started to find comfort and familiarity with those around me. now all that will soon change. all I can say for now, is that I hope I will stay close with these friends of mine, and to just keep going along with what is yet to come.

anyways, I have come back to post much more. I will definitely be posting more art and illustrations. I will be doing more writing. I will be posting more on tumblr and doing more on my pintrest. I may also be posting some youtube videos (?!?!?!). I was also hoping to finally be posting more polyvore looks, and finally doing a summer 2017 collection, but unfortunately I was not able to get into my account for some reason. just yesterday I was able to get in, so new looks soon!

anyways, this is just a quick update for you of what I have been doing and my future plans. I am excited for what is to come and can’t wait to share it with you!

dear reader, hope you are having a relaxing summer!


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