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London Fashion Week (Fall 2016)

Dear Reader,

London fashion week has come and gone quickly. Many designers were present and many of their designs I have fall in love with. Here are just some of the ones that I loved. Again, just click on the picture of the design for a review on a particular design.

The official website for London Fashion Week is

– Alexander Lewis –

The style for this collection were absolutely gorgeous, and something that I would defiantly wear. The designs reminded me a lot of what I would wear when I was much younger. Such as the designs on the outfits, the sweaters and collared looks.

– Amanda Wakeley –

Wakeley’s outfit looks amazing. The cuts of the skirts look nice with the outfits and is something different with the designs.

– Anhha –

The collection by Anhha looks amazing. All the outfits go together somehow with one another. Either the style of the outfits or the colors.

– David Koma –

The styles are something different with the collection. The cut-outs and straps are beautiful and hit perfectly with the dress. The colours look nice with the styles of the outfits.

– Gabriel Vielma –

I love the styles by Vielma. The colours contrasting with one another looks amazing. The styles of the outfits go amazingly with the accessories and the background of the pictures.

– Gayeon Lee –

The style of the entire collection looked amazing. With the metallic colours of the outfits, the collection stands out and looks amazing.

– Georgia Hardinge –

The pastel colours look amazing with all the styles of the outfits. All the styles were different but wonderful, and went really nice together.

– Issa –

The style of the dresses look amazing. With lace like fabric the style of dress looks amazing.

– Laura Theiss –

I love the style of the outfits. The skirts have a ballet skirt look with ruffles with sheer fabric looking amazing. The knitted tops look amazing with the designs.

– Paul Costelloe –

I love the patterns in this collection. They look amazing with the styles of the dress. Some are full print and some have half print and half block colour. They look amazing either way.

– Roksanda –

The collection by Roksanda looks beautiful. Most of the designs were with a navy blue base with pastel or metallic coloured accents. All the designs looked so well put together which is just one of the reasons I loved the looks.

– Thomas Tait –

I love the pastel colours in this collection by Tait. The patterns he made with circles on many of the designs was impressive and beautiful.

Dear Reader, Milan fashion week is next.


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