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London Fashion Week (FW 2018) – Part II

Dear Reader,

London Fashion Week has ended and has been amazing! The rest of the posts for fashion week will only have a couple photo’s with my personal review and a full collection review below the pictures.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called London Fashion Week.

– Kristina Fidelskaya –

Fidelskaya’s collection is absolutely beautiful! From the colours to all the designs! I will say that they always have some amazing fall looks! Loving the coat and the style of oversized sweater over a skirt!

– Margaret Howell –

Howell’s collection is absolutely beautiful! I’m loving all the designs, since they are all quite similar to some vintage styles! My favourite style from this collection definitely has to be the tucked in button down top, in the midi skirt. Definitely one of my favourite collections this season!

– Markus Lupfer –

Lupfer’s collection had more print styled designs, so I wasn’t really too interested in the collection. However, these three looks for some reason popped out to me and I fell in love with these designs presented.

– McConnell Woollen Mills-

McConnell’s collection is very traditional to the Irish culture, which I’m loving. The simple and cozy style is something I love and definitely something I would wear during the colder weather. The knitted styles, to the style of the oversized sweater over the skirt is beautiful.

– Natalie B Coleman –

Loving Coleman’s collection this season! The colours of the collection are perfect for the fall or colder season. The designs as well are quite full and perfect for someone who doesn’t really love fitted clothing. The large ruffles are definitely some of my favourite part of the looks. Something fun and cute for each piece.

– Olia Victorieva –

The whole collection by Victorieva is quite ethereal, beautiful and perfect for formal nights out. Loving each and every look throughout this collection! The purple tones, silver, white and black are perfect colours for each design and style of the collection portrayed by Victorieva. Once again would have to say that this is one of my favourite collections this season.

– Paul Costelloe –

Costelloe’s collection is absolute perfection, with the designs and colours matching perfectly with one another. Even though the prints are quite intense, I’m still in love with them. They just go perfectly with the collection!

Dear Reader, look forward to London Fashion Week FW 2018 Part II!


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