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London Fashion Week (FW 2018) – Part III

Dear Reader,

London Fashion Week has ended and has been amazing! This is the final post for the London Fashion Week, so continue to look forward to Milan Fashion Week Reviews. The rest of the posts for fashion week will only have a couple photo’s with my personal review and a full collection review below the pictures.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called London Fashion Week.

– Peter Jensen –

Jensen’s collection is perfect for my style! I absolutely love loose and open dresses or tops and this collection shows exactly what I love! Also this entire collection is yellow and a light denim colour, which is exactly what I love!

– Rejina Pyo –

Pyo’s collection is absolutely amazing! Loving this collection, filled with nude, white and black tones which i’m in love with! These styles are perfect for the colder weather as well, which I am In love with. These designs are exactly something I would wear.

– Roksanda –

Roksanda’s collection is so vibrant and bright, and so elegant and beautiful. The whole collection goes so well together, with the vibrant colours and the designs. Some of the designs are perfect for the cold weather, however some don’t.

– Roland Mouret –

Mouret’s collection is absolutely stunning and each look is perfect for the cold weather. The styles are some of my favourites so far from this season. From the layering techniques, to the little details in the designs are perfect!

– Temperley London –

Temperley London’s collection was all over the place for me, with the colours and the designs. However, individually each look was stunning! These looks are definitely perfect for the colder weather, especially due to all these layering of designs.

– Victoria Beckham –

Loving Beckham’s collection due to the colours and designs! Absolutely beautiful and stunning, with the designs and layering techniques all the way! The coat’s especially are some I love. Just the designs and colours are perfect for the colder weather, specifically for the fall season. Especially because the colours are perfectly aesthetic to the season.

– Vjera V –

Vjera V’s collection is stunning and definitely one of my favourites! However, I don’t think it’s really the best for the colder season, just because of the colour palette not really going with the season. As well, as some of the designs not really being appropriate for the season. The whole collection I feel like is much more aesthetic and perfect for the spring season.

Dear Reader, look forward to Milan Fashion Week FW 2018!


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