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London Fashion Week (Spring 2016)

Dear Reader,

Another week of fashion week has come and gone. Again it was amazing as always. The designers, the designs, and just about everything that a fashion show should consist of. So, again here are some designs that I absolutely loved and a short review for them. I would just like to address that I am so sorry about the late post as I was busy due to prior commitments.

Also, here is the website that I used to look at the fashion shows for London. London Fashion Week.

– Antonio Berardi –

This line was interesting to look at as there were many different styles and colours working out throughout many of the designs seen throughout the line. The one thing that I loved with all of these styles is how Berardi used solid colours along with a crazy pattern filled with many colours to the look. They were different pieces every time. Either the bottoms, top or just a simple design to just add a little bit of simplicity throughout the style created.

– Daks –

Daks had many different designs and a line full of some amazing pieces that were shown throughout. These were some of my favourite ones from the collection. I feel as if that Daks wants to incorporate the colour brown through each of his design as that is what it seems to be shown throughout his outstanding collection. The dresses were honestly my favourite as you can see. All of them had a style and formality to it, but to a certain extent as if to say that it could also pull of as a casual look with the right accessories.

– David Koma –

I defiantly enjoyed Koma’s collection for Spring 2016 as you can see. Many of them being dresses with a unique style in every outfit. All the skirts to the dresses were unique in their own way with a slit, a flare or a design. Another thing were the different styles sleeves that gave the dress some more style. The one thing I really enjoyed were the styled belts upon the waist of many of the designs all different creating a different style to each piece. The last one was defiantly one of my favourites as it had the skirt with a different colour popping up in the slit, the styles belt and of course the top half of the style that gave the whole outfit a formal yet casual style.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post from the London Fashion Week for Spring 2016. Next week to come: Milan Fashion Week – Spring 2016.

Dear Reader, ‘Fashion is about something that comes from WITHIN you.’ – Ralph Lauren


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