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may 2017 mood board



a busy month has passed by in a blur. filled with procrastinated reports and culminating’s that did not want to be completed. books that were going to be read but ended up under a pile of textbooks instead. acceptances and rejections came through. it’s okay. you’ll make it through. they had hope for me, and I had too much hope for myself. the rejection let myself go down for a night filled with tears and therapeutic art. that night is over and left behind. time to try again and move on forward. i’ll continue what i’m doing none the less, but I still won’t be over that hope that I had. one day soon, it may come. right now just focus on the present and now. don’t let the memories fade and make the most of the time left in this chapter of your life. soak up everything around you and record and keep these until the day you get old.

prompt: she gets up with a sign of relief. cups littered around with dried up tea leaves and tea stains dripping down the sides. books, littered papers, and sticky notes are thrown carelessly around the room. a fine layer of dust has collected on the book shelf filled with books and vintage accessories. the remains of april have been left behind. a whirlwind  of emotions and knowledge all somewhat left behind. she opens the curtains to see a bright sky with a slight breeze. raindrops covering every inch, to make sure she never forgets.


may 2017 pintrest mood board

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