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Milan Fashion Week (Fall 2016)

Dear Reader,

Milan Fashion Week has some of the most gorgeous styles. I may be slightly bias as they basically have the style that I love so much. A beautiful mixture of modern and past fashion mixed with the cultural fashions of the city.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was: Milano Moda Donna

– Alberta Ferreti –

Ferreti’s designs were mainly of dress designs which looked amazing as always. With detailed designs on the fabrics to the layering of the designs and the colours to the accessories, Ferreti did an amazing job with the collection.

– Angelo Marani –

The collection by Marani included all kinds of designs but some of my favorite were with a skirt or dress design. The designs clearly showed they were for a colder weather with knitted wear and accessories for winter including hats and boots.

– Anteprima –

The collection included various designs, fabrics and colours most relating to the colder weather they were set for. The fur collars, loose tops, and knitted wear added to the style. Overall, the designs looked amazing together in the collection.

– Byblos Milano –

The collection looked amazing all together with various colours and designs and different prints adding more to the designs. The fur and vest jackets looked amazing with some of the looks. The loose knitted sweaters looked amazing with the short skirt. Overall, the designs looked amazing.

– Diesel Black Gold –

The collection was simple with dark colours and designs full of skirts and knitted items. The loose shirts and sweaters tucked into the skirts looked nice with the look.

– dsquared2 –

I love the dark colours of this collection. The bases are mostly dark with light or bright coloured designs and accessorised added on top. Not only that but the layered designs by this artist look amazing, as well as the designs of each piece of the collection.

– Elisabetta Franchi –

The collection was full of fur, metallic coloured, prints and knitted materials. The designs all looked amazing and went together in some ways. Some of the outfits were perfect for fall with a jacket and hat, while others were dresses. Even if they weren’t fully appropriate for the season, somehow with an accessory or two, they were made to look perfect. Some were urban chick while others were flirty. Every outfit however went nicely together.

– Etro –

The prints of the designs looked amazing with simple designs of jackets and berets. The leather jackets and knitted accessories along with the simple boots looked amazing together for a killer look.

– Luisa Beccaria –

An amazing and beautiful collection, from the colours to the styles. From the patterned designs to the plain yet gorgeous looks. With all the designs looking different from one another, the collection still looks perfect.

– Moschino –

This collection is so different from all the others as it adds the designers own twist. Adding some bling with and painted like skirt. From cut-outs to layered patterns. The entire collection looks rebellious looking amazing with all the outfits.

– San Andres Milano –

The collection was filled with blue, grey and black colours looking amazing all together. The simple yet slightly fancy designs added a little flare to the looks. Weather belts, sparkles, metallic colours or patterns, all the designs looked amazing together.

– Vivetta –

The collection looked beautiful with the many fall like colours. The collars and skirts and berets look amazing with the designs. The small detailed designs look nice and simple with the outfit.

All the designs of the designers looked amazing. They all seemed to take something from both past and present fashion around the world and in their city. They seemed to occasionally tie them with their cultural looks and styles all looking amazing.

Dear Reader, look forward to Paris Fashion Week for the Fall 2016 collection.


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