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Milan Fashion Week (FW 2018) – Part I

Dear Reader,

Milan fashion week is over and I have honestly loved so many of the designs and collections presented. If it hasn’t been noticed, Fashion Week in Milan is my favorite as it incorporates many kinds of designs and styles that I love. The rest of the posts for fashion week will maybe have a full collection review below the pictures depending on my comments of the designs.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called Milano Moda Donna.

– Alberta Ferretti –

Ferretti’s collection is absolutely beautiful this season! I was particularly in love with the silver and black designs, which I am absolutely in love with. The silver delicate designs over the black fabrics are my favourite part of the collection. It pops out from the collection, and I am in love!

– Antonio Marras –

Marras’s collections are always the highlight for me for Milan Fashion Week, and I will say that she didn’t disappoint this time at all! I’m honestly in love with each and every piece, and look of this collection. The delicate designs, lace, colours, the dresses, the fit. Everything is absolutely stunning!

– Blumarine –

Blumarine’s collection is absolutely beautiful! Although the colour palette is not really perfect for the fall season. Of course, this is just my own opinion. Apart, from the colour palette, I am in love with the designs for each piece, especially with the coats added to each look.

– Daizy Shely –

Daizy Shely’s collection is quite different from what I usually like. The designs and prints are something I don’t really love, but the way the look is put together throughout the collection is perfection. Definitely in love with these looks.

– Fendi –

Fendi’s collection is absolute perfection. The black’s gray’s, and white’s all flow so well together throughout the collection, through each designs and each look. Definitely in love with all these looks above.

– Francesca Liberatore –

Liberatore’s collection is absolutely beautiful, and it may be my favourite from the entire Milan fashion week! Each look seems like a little collage of multiple colours, designs, embroidery, writing, lace and so much more! I am so in love with each and every look.

Dear Reader, look forward to Milan Fashion Week FW 2018. part II!


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