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Milan Fashion Week (FW 2018) – Part II

Dear Reader,

Milan fashion week part 2! More designers and outfits that I love. There is also going to be a part 3 for Milan Fashion Week, so look forward for that! The rest of the posts for fashion week will maybe have a full collection review below the pictures depending on my comments of the designs.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called Milano Moda Donna.

– Giorgio Armani –

Armani’s collection is absolutely beautiful. Although I don’t think that the colour palette is perfect for the fall, I am in love with the warm fabrics used for each of the designs. All the looks give off a warm and cozy feeling, especially those that that are in designed as sweaters.

– Jil Sander –

Sander’s collection is also one that I think is designed more for the summer season, rather than winter. Not only based on the colours, but based on the fabrics and styles the designs showcase. Loving each look nonetheless!

– Lucio Vanotti –

Vanotti’s collection was inspired by various decades of fashion from the past. These three are my personal favourites, due to the styles and just the bad girl vibe in general. The leather kind of material looks very uncomfortable to wear, but looks very cool and perfect for the bad girl vibe.

– Luisa Beccaria –

Beccaria’s collection is absolutely beautiful! I am in love with each and every piece from her collection! Can you tell?! Honestly though, each piece is absolutely stunning based on colours, designs and just the whole style and story she is telling through the collection. Definitely one of my favourite collections this season!

– Max Mara –

Mara’s collection is absolutely stunning and cohesive through colours and styles. I’m very in love with the monochromatic theme throughout this collection. Each look is wonderful in its own way, specifically with the way the designs have been placed together. My favourite piece from the collection has to definitely be the tan coat.

– Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini –

Serafini’s collection was one that I absolutely fell in love with. Although the collection to me did not feel very cohesive, each look was stunning by themselves. The whole collection however still had a common theme I could see throughout each look, which was of a vintage style. Based on the fabrics, prints, and designs of each piece. Definitely loving this collection for the vintage style!

Dear Reader, look forward to Milan Fashion Week FW 2018 Part III.


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