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Milan Fashion Week (FW 2018) – Part III

Dear Reader,

Milan fashion week part 3! The final post for the review of Milan Fashion Week. I honestly loved so many designs this time from Milan which is why there has been an increase of posts dedicated just for Milan. The rest of the posts for fashion week will maybe have a full collection review below the pictures depending on my comments of the designs.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called Milano Moda Donna.

– Roberto Cavalli –

Cavialli’s collection is the perfect aesthetic for the fall and winter seasons. From the dark colours, to the elegant yet warm designs used. Each look had an element that is perfect for the cool weather, specifically the fabrics used.

– Sportmax –

Sportmax’s collection is something I wouldn’t usually like due to the heavy athletic aesthetic used. However, this season I am loving what they have done for their designs. From the coloured block prints, to the cuts and patterns of each look. Some pieces are definitely something I would like to wear.

– Tod’s –

Tod’s collection caught my eye this season because of the colours. Although I was again don’t think the colours are not the best for the cooler season, they still work really well together. The pops of yellow, maroon, and dark colours in general upon the tan and white that piece the collection together are perfect for the designs.

– Ujoh –

Ujoh’s collection is perfect in getting the fall and winter aesthetics. From the deep and dark colours, to the warm pieces for each look. As well as the trendy layering affect that people are loving recently. The large open and loose pieces are definitely some of my favourite as they look so cozy and perfect for the cool season.

– Vionnet –

Vionnet’s collections are always some of my absolute favourites to look at! From the designs, to the way the colours are put together. The designer of this collection took a look at both the cold side of the season by putting in warm items, and the warm side by putting in beautiful gowns and dresses. This collection is definitely an example of one of my favourites throughout this season!

Dear Reader, look forward to the final week of Fashion Week reviews from Paris!


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