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Milan Fashion Week (Spring 2016) – Part 1

Dear Reader,

One more week. The one that I and many others have been waiting for. But, this week in Milan, Italy was definatly amazing as well. Again the designers did an absolutely amazing job creating these wonderful designs for the collections of Spring 2016. Honestly, I think that so far many of my favorite designers came from this fashion show.

Here is the website that I used to look at the different designers, and their designs: Milano Moda Donna

– Alberta Ferreti –

All these designs by Ferretti had a bohemian style to them all in certain aspects of the dress. The colour choices for the designs were mainly nude or had a dull effect which completed nicely to the styles of the dresses. The dresses were all amazing, but I just had a slight problem with the top half of some dresses being translucent as I felt as if it was showing too much, but in all, the designs were absolutely wonderful.

– Fay –

Fay’s designs were absolutely incredible. I honestly have no words. I love the denim style and in most outfits it was incorporated through a different article of clothing. Even if not used, the particular shade of blue or brown was carefully accessorized within each piece.

– Byblos Milano –

The designs made by Milano were incredible. Again incorporated was the bohemian style throughout each design. They were incorporated in small ways such as the lines of the skirt, the designs used throughout the dress, and even the style of the dress. With incredible use of colours and designs throughout all pieces, I really enjoyed Milano’s designs.

– Luisa Beccarria –

Beccarria’s designs were amazing as well. The entire theme throughout the collection as I interpret would be a Victorian or vintage style. The colours, the styles, the design and just about everything about the collection just screamed Victorian! I honestly would not mind wearing these outfits throughout the entire year. Also, the gowns basically have the vibe of a Victorian masquerade ball.

– Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini –

Serafini had some amazing designs, and these were just a few that I especially enjoyed throughout the show that I thought I should share with you all. The all seem to have a hipster vibe to them, with the overalls, shorts, and long but see-threw cardigan. Again, the only problem I had with some of these designs were the fact that they showed a little too much skin as many of the top pieces with see-threw and the models were not wearing any undergarments. Other then that, I enjoyed looking through her collection.

– Etro –

Again, like Milano, Etro has the same style with the bohemian theme being used throughout the designs of the collection. The colours, prints, and style all have the same style but I am absolutely loving it as they are all darker and duller shades all combined into one style. I would have to say that I would love to wear this style everyday as it’s one of my favorites.

So, these are defiantly not all the designers that I loved during this week. I just did not want to make the post any longer than it already has become. So, make sure to check here soon for another post of some more amazing designs that I absolutely adore.

Dear Reader, remember ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’ – Nelson Mandela


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