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Milan Fashion Week (Spring 2016) – Part 2

Dear Reader,

This is the second post to the continuation of the review of the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2016! Honestly, there was just way too much talent and designs that I enjoyed too much. So, here are the rest of the amazing designs that I loved for Milan Fashion Week. Enjoy!

Again the website that I used to get updates for the Milan Fashion Show (Spring 2016) was: Milano Moda Donna

– Emporio Armani –

Armani’s collection was absolutely amazing. The style that I am assuming they tried to put into it included a formal yet casual look with all the nude colours, the tuxedo styled jacket and the slightly formal look that was in each style.

– Letimotiv –

Letimotiv’s collection incorporated many new unique styles that are absolutely amazing. Including the fact that they used many different colours put together to create a unique design which gave the style a very busy look. One of the designs above consists of a long skirt with one colour on the outside skin of the skirt and the inside is another colour, which I absolutely love because it fits in with the colours on the top part of the dress. There were many other styles like this, but this one was my favorite one out of them because how everything falls together with the style.

Elisabetta Franchi

Franchi’s designs were absolutely amazing. Again, like Armani’s style, they have the style of casual yet formal therefore being able to wear these certain designs out and about. Most of the styles are nude or have this colour placed somewhere in it, making it formal along with the certain style and design of the dress.

– Roberto Cavalli –

Cavalli’s designs were amazing. I especially loved the long flowing skirts as they were a new and unique style that was paired very well with either a long jacket or long loose pull on sweater on top. Two things that I enjoyed were how the belts were styled into the outfit and how there was some metallic colour in almost each design.

– Antonio Marras –

Marras’s deisgn’s consisted of metallic and gray’s and were all amazing. They all each individually had a unique style that I was totally blown by. From the skirts style to the designs throughout the outfit along with accessories styled into each design, I would have to say everything was very well unified and very well designed.

– Angelo Marani –

Marani’s style designs were gorgeous. I loved the colours they used and how they just added a small piece of lace or design around the neckline or somewhere on the dress giving it more of a style to the design. I loved how if there was more going on, they just added a simple and solid but bold lace or belt which brought out the design of the fabric.

– Laura Biagiotti –

Biagiotti’s designs were somewhat familiar to Marani’s with the bold yet simple and solid coloured lace or designs within the designs. They brought out the light and faded patterns holding many colours as the design of the fabric. The style was mainly simple yet bold with a bit of formality to it with collars and black and white print.

– San Andres Milano –

I loved these outfits a lot because of the small details each one has. From the tucked in coloured shirts in the skirts, to the belt designs, the collars and also the length of the skirts. These all made the outfits elegant and slightly formal therefore being able to easily wear this to any event.

I honestly loved this week so much. All the designs were amazing and I thought that although they were totally different from each other in many ways, they still tied in with the Italian and art culture in many ways. Most of these are not actually in this post. Although, I do encourage you all to go to the website listed above to look through the many designs for next years Spring 2016 collection.

Dear Reader, look forward for next weeks post for the Paris Spring 2016 Fashion Week.


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