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New York Fashion Week (FW 2017) – Anniesa Hasibuan

Dear Reader,

Female Muslim designer, Anniesa Hasibuan has stepped forward once again for her second time at New York Fashion Week. This time by casting first and second immigrant models showing both diversity and femininity.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called nyfw (New York Fashion Week).

I am so proud of this collection by Hasibuan as it showcases modesty and a political statement of this time. She showcases in her collection how Muslims, and women in general should be able to express themselves and should be allowed to wear and do and say what they believe in without a man telling them what to do. She not only took a step forward this past fashion week with introducing modest fashion with hijabs draped elegantly on all her models, but now is showcasing diversity and femininity and the courage to act to go against all the hatred that is now arising in this world once again.

Apart from the message she has sent clearly to everyone through her collection, I would like to say that her designs are incredible. I love everything about them. From the colour palette to the designs, everything is detailed and done so well. Thank you for inspiring us to stand up for not only what we believe, but also giving us the courage to pursue our dreams no matter what we identify ourselves as.

Dear Reader, Hasibuan has once again made history!


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