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New York Fashion Week (FW 2017) – Part 1

Dear Reader,

New York Fashion Week is over and I am already getting many ideas from the many different styles and designs that have been shared with the world. Once again, some looks have noted opinions of mine, so just click on a picture to look at them.

The website I used to look up designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called nyfw (New York Fashion Week).

– Adam Selman –

Selman’s collection this year consisted of denim with patchwork for the majority of his collection. I am in love with the denim and patchwork style, and to see his new ways to incorporate them in his work, I am just in love all over again.

– Bagdley Mischka –

This collection by Badgley Mischka incorporated evening wear designs which held sophistication, beauty and elegance in each look. The introduction of metallic leafing onto his designs are something I hope to see again from him in future collections.

– Brock Collection –

A collection that shows the colours of fall and styles well known during such season, however it incorporates new textiles, designs and an addition of details the one must carefully look for.

– Erin Fetherston –

Fetherston has created a gorgeous collection yet again. I am in love with the colours, the designs and the simplicity she has put in for each look. The bohemian and free-spirited vibe from this collection is feminine and expressive.

– Leanne Marshall –

Leanne Marshall is one of my many favourite designers and she continues to impress me with every collection. This collection once again looks beautiful, elegant, and flows well throughout all designs.

– Mara Hoffman –

Hoffman’s designs showcase femininity in this comfortable and elegant new way. The colour palette and designs look amazing, and although I am one who is in love with more feminine looks of gowns and dress, this was one of my favorite collections this year. With a mix of models and designs, she showcased subtle messages of human right and political movements happening at this time.

Dear Reader, look forward to part 2 of New York Fashion Week!


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