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New York Fashion Week (FW2018) – Part III

Dear Reader,

New York Fashion Week part three is here. The rest of the posts for fashion week will only have a couple photo’s with my personal review and a full collection review below the pictures.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called nyfw (New York Fashion Week).

– Mara Hoffman –

Hoffman’s collection is absolutely beautiful every year and I always fall in love with each design. This year is no different with the fit and flare of the designs. All the designs looked quite beautiful, and slightly different from other collections. Although still very vintage inspired, the collection is quite different and i’m in love!

– Marchesa –

Marchesa’s collection is absolutely stunning with the elegant, flared and such beautiful designs. I’m absolutely in love with each and every piece. Probably because most of them are gowns and dresses which I am slightly obsessed with. The designs, the colours and the embroidery on some of the pieces are absolutely stunning.

– Marissa Webb –

Webb’s collection is very beautiful and elegant yet very casual. Each look is perfect for both formal and informal looks. The simple monochromatic tones look absolutely beautiful, with the style and slight theme to the collection.

– Oscar De La Renta –

Always have been in love with Oscar de la Renta’s collections due to the designs, colours and just the beauty of each look he comes out with. This collection especially due to the embroidery and the prints, especially because they were quite simple and beautiful for each look.

– Pamella Roland –

Rolland’s collection this year was composed primarily of gowns and dresses which i’m absolutely in love with. The elegance and the sheer perfection of each piece is breath-taking and I am honestly in love with each look.

– Sandy Liang –

Liang’s collection is absolutely beautiful and casual which is perfect for everyday wear. Each look is so beautiful and I am in love because of the style and fit of each piece.

– Tadashi Shoji –

Shoji’s collection is absolutely beautiful, with the colours and the style of each look. Each piece is stunning with the cut and fit of each look. The looks are all formal, with stunning cuts and lace and sequins all over.

– Zac Posen –

Posen’s collection this year is absolutely stunning with the designs and the full and rich colours of each piece. I’m absolutely in love with each look. The whole collection goes really well together, especially because each piece is a single full colour rather than a collection filled with prints.

Dear Reader, look forward to London Fashion Week FW 2018!


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