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New York Fashion Week (Spring 2016)

Dear Reader,

New York fashion week has ended but it was indeed incredible. It was one of the first fashion weeks that I have ever really fully looked at, as in looking at new designers, their outfits they have created and everything else. This review is basically just of my own opinion and just a look at some of my favourite outfits by the designers their.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called nyfw (New York Fashion Week).

* Lela Rose *

All the outfits by Lela Rose was amazing in my opinion, but these ones are the ones that I absolutely love. Although I absolutely loved these outfits, I would have preferred if the ones with a translucent fabric would have a lining underneath so we would not be exposed to ones under garments.

* Erin Fetherston *

I loved these designs by Erin Fetherston. They were honestly something that I cannot wait for. All of these outfits remind of my childhood, with ponchos, overalls and below the knee skirts. One of the styles that I cannot wait for are the ponchos. The ones designed by Fetherston are obviously something worn for the spring and not only wool ones, therefore being able to wear them in any season.

* Leanne Marshall *

Leanne Marshall’s designs I instantly fell in love with. Just look at the gorgeous designs, the way the skirt float about when walking and the colours as well. The first two I feel as if they were designed with the concept of nature in mind as it reflects nicely to it, with the head pieces and delicate designs. The rest were just as wonderful and I feel as if the two bottom designs were basically just flipped of colours, just with a different design. I wasn’t able to find too many of her designs, but the ones that I had found were defiantly some that I enjoyed.

* Naeem Khan *

Khan’s style here was interesting and different as far as I know. It seemed as if he was going back in time and pulling out the style of long dresses with poufy skirts and plop it into fashion of 2016. I would love to wear these outfits every day and bring back this style.

Thanks for looking through some of my favourite designs from this years New York Fashion Week for Spring 2016. Although there were many more, these were some that I am defiantly looking out for next year. Look forward to a review on the London Fashion Week for Spring 2016 on September 23. Comment down below your favorite outfits or designers that I should check out!

Dear Reader, three more weeks, three more cities, and many more fashion shows to come your way.


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