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New York Fashion Week SS 2017 – Part 2

Dear Reader,

New York Fashion Week is over and I am absolutely blown away by the many designs that New York designers have shared with us. I am also extremely happy for the female Muslim designer who took the step forward by bringing the hijab to the runway! There will be an entirely separate post  just for her next.

The rest of the posts for fashion week will only have a couple photo’s with my personal review and a full collection review below the pictures.

The website which I looked to find the designers, their designs, and watched their fashion show live was called nyfw (New York Fashion Week).

– Erin Fetherston –

Fetherston is one of my favorite designers and this collection was absolutely outstanding! In this collection she seemed to use a lot of ruffles and loose designs, along with tight cuffs at the end of sleeves for most tops or dresses. The gowns with a shimmery finish are my favorites in this collection.

– Probal Gurung –

The main designs that can be seen in all Gunung’s pieces for this collection are the varying skirt designs particularly seen in the hems of the skirt. They seem to flow perfectly as the models walk down the catwalk and go very well with the rest of the design.

– Irina Vitjaz –

Vitjaz does amazing with these collections and these four in particular are my favourite’s. The colours all seem to go together and the patterns are beautiful making the design complete.

– Leanne Marshall –

I’ve been waiting for this collection to be released for so long! Marshall is one of my most favorite designers because of the elegant designs she comes up with. This collection is filled with flowing skirts, sheer designs and an overall collection that can be worn both causally and dressed up.

– Julianna Bass –

I absolutely adore this collection with the pastel colour looks with recognizable yet a tiny portion of the look in a darker shade. The designs with lace, the sheer fabrics, the cut outs and the one dress with large print captured my attention and made me fall in love with these looks.

– Dennis Basso –

This collection consists of all its designs in a neutral colour with intricate details layered on top. From laces to printed designs, from sheer to a metallic shade of fabric, this entire collection basically has my name written on it.

– Marchesa –

This collection by Marchesa reminds me of a fairytale. These pieces seem to come right out of them. From the sheer fabrics with such detailed and intricate metallic designs layered on, to the sparkles and shimmers that leap toward one’s eye. I would just love to wear one of these gowns. It’s the closest we can feel to be in a fairytale!

Dear Reader, look forward to the inspiring Muslim designer next!


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