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Paris Couture Haute 2016 – Part 1

Dear Reader,

Although Paris Couture Haute was a while go at the end of January. It went on from January 24 – January 28. The website I used to look at the fashion was Vogue as they had all the pictures, reviews and more. Here is the specific link: Spring 2016 Couture.

There will be two parts to this review as these designs were absolutely amazing, and I fell in love with many of these designers’ works. Again, I would like to point out that these are just my opinion on the designs and while there are many more, these are the ones I fell in love with.

Click on a photo to see the review.

– Alberta Ferretti –

The designs for Ferretti were absolutely astounding in every way possible. Each one reminded me of an Egyptian goddess with the elegance shown through each design and the small delicate designs of gold or silver. Each one was unique in its own way but, together defiantly created an amazing collection.

– Alexandre Vauthier –

The entire collection of Vauthier was very well put together. The one that I really liked is the one shown above. The rest of the collection was mainly put together with black in each outfit throughout, as well as some more sheer material was used.

– Alexis Mabille –

The entire collection had such a fun summer look but also had some fanciness added to it. From the small intricate designs to the lace, and of course the colours, all added something to form this collection.

– Aouadi –

The colours of the entire collection appealed to me the most as most outfits had pastel colours to form the look. The beads, ruffles and metallic designs pulled together the look to make it look different yet similar to each of the designs in the collection.

– Armani Prive –

Prive’s collection was gorgeous. The colours, the designs, the entire look. The colours which could be seen was the purple and black of the outfits. The outfits were different in each way possible but put together either by the design, colours used or the style. Some styles could be seen as elegant, flirty or even a rebel look with the leather jacket.

– Bouchra Jarrar –

Jarar’s collection was full of outfits with looks of a guard of sort which I absolutely loved. The colours all went together, the different styles, the materials and prints. All went really nicely together.

– Chanel –

There were, of course, many outfits that stood out to me that were absolutely wonderful, but these were the ones that I absolutely loved for many reasons. What I loved from these outfits would defiantly be the use of lace throughout the outfits, the classic Chanel material which was in the jacket and the fall of the skirt.

– Christian Dior –

The outfit’s of Dior were amazing. One thing that I loved about the collection would be the use of different materials throughout the outfits and the off-the-shoulder look throughout the collection.

All of the designs looked amazing, but again these were just some of my favorites either because of the style, the colours, or just simple designs that I thought looked really cool.

Dear Reader, look out for part 2 of Paris Couture Haute.


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