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Paris Couture Haute FW 2017 – Part I

Dear Reader,

Paris Couture Haute 2017 was an amazing week! It went from July 3 – 6. The website that informed me of all designers was Mode à Paris, and the pictures were taken from the reviews on Vogue.  Here is a specific link: Spring 2017 Couture.

I loved looking through all the designs that were shown and a couple stood out to me the most. I would just like to point out that these are my opinions on these designs which just so happen to be my favorite and the ones I fell in love with.

Also, a little reminder that the names of each designer are also linked with their personal website, which will take you to another page. As well as, some designs may have short note as to why I am in love with the look, so please click to look closely at the designs and read my review of the particular design.

– Alberta Ferretti –

I absolutely loved all the designs Ferretti did for this collection, but these four were the ones that stood out to me the most. The colours and the silhouettes of the designs are what appealed to me. The feminine and delicate structure and prints on the dresses look beautiful and so appealing on the models. My favourite one out of these four, definitely has to be the first white printed dress which is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.

– Christian Dior –

Dior’s collection was beautiful with the faded colours and gorgeous floral designs imprinted upon a variety of different fabrics. This collection basically is me, because of the faded colours and prints and how everything comes together in each look.

– Elie Saab –

Saab’s collections are always the ones I am looking forward to the most. This time again, his looks remind me of ethereal goddesses and princess and one’s of high royalty. The gorgeous colours and delicate fabrics and detailed prints always are part of what makes the looks seem of those worn by royalty.

Dear Reader, look out for part 2 for Paris Couture Haute.



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