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Paris Couture Haute SS 2018 – Part I

Dear Reader,

Paris Couture Haute 2018 was an amazing week! It went from January 22 – 25. The website that informed me of all designers was Mode à Paris, and the pictures were taken from the reviews on Vogue.  Here is a specific link: Spring 2018 Couture.

I loved looking through all the designs that were shown and a couple stood out to me the most. Often I was scrolling through twitter admiring these designs, while standing outside of my class. I would just like to point out that these are my opinions on these designs which just so happen to be my favorite and the ones I fell in love with.

Also, a little reminder that the names of each designer are also linked with their personal website, which will take you to another page. As well as, some designs may have short note as to why I am in love with the look, so please click to look closely at the designs and read my review of the particular design.

– A. F. Vandevorst –

After doing more research about Vandevorst, I found out that this collection presented was a collection of multiple pieces from the past 40 collections they made in the past 20 years. This is an amazing idea which I absolutely love. All the pieces collected somehow went with each other in one way or the other. These are just a few of my most favourite pieces from the collection.

– Alberta Ferretti –

Ferretti’s collections always impresses me, and I always fall in love with the pieces presented. This collection especially, I would have to say is my most favourite. The collection was filled with ethereal and such beautiful and formal looks that I fell in love with. The background as well, is perfect for the look. The entire collection reminds me of a book filled fairytale illustrations.

– Alexis Mabille –

Mabille had some beautiful pieces this collection, and these three were just a few of my most favourite. The colour scheme of white, tan and black went really well together with these three. The flare and open look of the dresses look amazing. The top is styled to be with the fashion in twenty-seventeen but I am still obsessed with the look.

– Christian Dior –

Dior always impresses me, even if I’m not particularly obsessed with the looks. These looks presented are my absolute favourite. Their clean cut, simple and so elegant. The first three looks are plain white dresses but have such an elegant cut and look to them, which I am obsessed with. The first dress especially. It is simple, clean cut, and has such a beautiful vintage look, which I adore.

– Elie Saab –

Elie Saab always impresses me with the beautiful and elegant looks seen in all the collections. The looks here are beautiful and filled with sequins and sparkles which are perfect for formal events. These looks are perfection to me, as they are filled with such beautiful and elegant elements of designs and just pure beauty. I didn’t write much for each particular look, as i’m so obsessed and in love with each and every piece and the beauty that it gives off.

– Giambattista Valli –

Giambattista Valli’s collections are always so beautiful and one of my favourites for the season. Once again, they have not left me disappointed. All the looks are once again so beautiful, and elegant, and ethereal and I am in love with each of these looks.

Dear Reader, look out for Paris Couture Haute Part II.


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