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Paris Fashion Week (Fall 2016)

Dear Reader,

Paris Fashion Week is the week that everyone looks forward to, with styles from the most exquisite designers in the fashion industry. From Lucien Pellat Finet to Louis Vuitton. Here are a few of the designs that I absolutely loved from the many designers in Paris Fashion Week this year.

This is the official Paris Fashion Week website: ModeaParis.

– Alessandra Rich –

Alessandra Rich’s designs had plaid fabrics in almost all of them which I liked most about them. The collars and the small but noticeable designs on the side colored black or white added something more to the look, which I loved.

– Andrew Gn –

Andrew Gn’s designs looked gorgeous. All of them were full of dark colours, but with gorgeous small designs added to it. Such as metallic print to the design, or a net piece covering the arm and collar areas.

– Camilla and Mark –

Camilla and Mark’s designs looked amazing, with the simple one colour pieces. Their pieces were more focused on the designs and the lines that the outfits create. With the ruffled pieces and collar designs, the designs looked amazing.

– Christian Dior –

Dior’s designs were different from one another but went together. The colours were mainly neutral with some small detailed designs of different colors. Each design was different in some way but looked amazing all together.

– Each X Other –

The designs by Each X Other were absolutely gorgeous and simple. With denim and block colored styles, the designs looked amazing together in the collection.

– Isabel Marant –

Marant’s designs looked gorgeous. They had a simple and casual look with the block colours and simple designs. The designs all had a feminine look with the ruffles and lace but gave a more rebel look with the leather skirts, and the jacket.

– Joie –

I love these designs by Joie. They still have the theme of fall going on with them, but with a bohemian style added. From the prints, colours and the style of the clothes, they all look gorgeous together in the collection.

– Loewe –

What  I love about the designs by Loewe, are the skirts. The flare and lines that the skirts give look amazing. Even how they are styles, with a shirt tucked in and a belt strapped over it, and a long shirt over part of the skirt giving a beautiful look.

– Longchamp –

The bold block coloured printed designs by Longchamp looked amazing together. The colours and designs were much like what would be worn in the fall and were portrayed well throughout the designs. The scarfs and printed skirts looked amazing with the designs throughout the collection and outfit.

– Maticevski –

The black and whit designs throughout the collections looked amazing together. The style of Maticevski was mainly portrayed throughout how the piece looked, as in the lines created and the actual design rather then colour. Ruffles could mainly be seen throughout the designs, as well as overlaying between different pieces such as a sweater or cropped poncho on top. All together the designs looked amazing together.

– Miu Miu –

Miu Miu’s designs looked amazing with the dark colours altering with lighter colours. The denim designs were my favorite, as they played with the different denim shades together in different designs. The overall collection looked wonderful together.

– Sandra Mansour –

I loved how the designs by Mansour. The collection was filled with different designs all going together some way with knitted pieces to the colours to the printed designs on the outfits. The photo shoot looked amazing as well tying the designs together in the collection.

– Talbot Runhof –

The designs from Runhof looked amazing. The designs were different from one another but came together in the collection looking amazing together. From the ruffles, to the lace to the metallic pieces, all the designs looked amazing in more then one way.

– Vionnet –

Vionnet’s designs looked gorgeous with the colours and designs on how the collection was put together. The flare of the skirts, to the straps on the tops, to the prints of the fabrics, all the designs looked amazing.

All the designs by the designers of Paris Fashion Week for the Fall 2016 collection did amazing on all their designs. The designs reflected of the city with the colours and designs creating gorgeous collections.

Dear Reader, although fashion week has ended for fall of 2016, look forward to the next fashion week in the fall for the spring 2017 fashion.


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