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Paris Fashion Week (Spring 2016) – Part 1

Dear Reader,

The final and the most awaited week for the collection for Spring 2016! I honestly could not wait for this to start and I can now honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. Although some of the outfits are not in here as these are just my most favourite and well, if I was to put everything in, it would have been in multiple parts. So, here are just some of my most favorite outfits from Paris Fashion Week for the Spring 2016 collection.

This is the official Paris Fashion Week website: ModeaParis.

– Pascal Millet –

Millet’s entire line was absolutely amazing. The ones that stood out to me were mainly these four. As you can see above, I was mainly liking the colouring of the designs, along with the accessory of the belt. The last dress was defiantly one of my favourites as it had a checkered print to it.

– Anne Sofie Madsen –

For Madsen’s work, I absolutely loved her denim designs. For the long dress, I loved the skirt and how nicely it was flowing down, along with the one covered shoulder look. I designs with print on them looked amazing as well. I loved the fact that she paired each design with an amazing pair of boots.

Dries Van Noten

These outfits of Noten were amazing! I colours were vibrant and fit in with the designs well. What I liked about his piece were that the designs were dark or just had one matte colour, and then a little design was added or an accessory to spice up the look which were metallic coloured.

– Alexis Mabille –

Mabille’s designs were very colourful to say the least. They were defiantly eye catching. The outfits were very different from one another but still managed to look like they came from the same collection. A few accessories defiantly kept making an appearance such as a necklace with a large pendent and the footwear was very similar to one another tying the outfits to one another.

– Vionnet –

The outfit’s from Vionnet were something different from the others when looking at designs and colours. The colours were mainly matte and a little toward the dull side. Although the overall colour was like this, there were some pieces that had a few simple designs with a metallic touch to spice it up which gave it an amazing look. The designs as well were amazing in my opinion and I loved the style of the dresses.

I really hoped you enjoyed looking through some of my favorite outfits for fashion week in Paris. Look through the sites as well to see what other collections the designers have created.

Dear Reader, the Paris Fashion Week has just began. 😉


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