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Paris Fashion Week (Spring 2016) – Part 2

Dear Reader,

As promised, here is the second part of a review to the Paris Fashion Week. Again, the outfits were all amazing  by the designers and I absolutely cannot wait to show you more of my favourites! So, again here are my most favourite designs from the Paris Fashion Week for the Spring 2016 collection.

Again here is the official Paris Fashion Week website: ModeaParis

– Chloe –

I loved the outfits by Chloe, because of the denim and the pastel colours. Honestly two of my most favourite styles. The designs were very nice as well, elegant, simple and definitely ready to wear and rock them out in the streets of Paris!

– Julien David –

David’s design’s were defiantly amazing! Unfortunately, I was only able to add these three pictures of my favorite outfits of his collection. There were many more to be honest. These three though overall sum up what I loved about the collection. From the style of the skirt, to the short cardigan type vest, to the collar and of course the cropped tops.

– Mugler –

Mugler designs were quite different because of the colours and the many different shaped out and carefully though of cuts. From on the shoulder, on the waist to the skirt, and one the stood out a lot which were cut-outs over the entire dress showing some skin. These dresses were all amazing once again.

– Roland Mouret –

Amazing. These designs by Mouret were defiantly amazing. I loved the different patterns that were thought of for the designs of the outfit. The designs of the skirts were something different as well which were quite unique. One thing I noticed was of the footwear the models wore, were all of mainly one colour, either to brighten the outfit or to make it dull down a bit which was an amazing idea in my opinion.

– Moncler Gamme Rouge –

The designs by Moncler defiantly blew me away. These styles and designs that he had in mind defiantly are something that I personally love. The lace, small delicate designs and just a hint of colour. Of course the actual designs of the dresses were amazing too, and I would defiantly love to wear them on a day to day basis. The set where the actual runway was, was absolutely gorgeous and defiantly something creative and unique that fit in with the style that he was going for.

Overall, the entire Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2016 was amazing and I enjoyed every show and design that was included in it. They all defiantly included a little piece of Paris in it.

Dear Reader, look out for more next fashion week in 2016!


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