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september 2017 mood board



the dreaded month has arrived where new beginnings will take place and new memories will be made with new people that I have yet to meet. this month will be hard for so many different reasons. this is a huge change in all aspects of my life and I have been dreading it since the topic had first come up. the feeling of anxiety and panic that has risen every time I have thought about it, will now probably get worse due to the fact that now i’m actually living it. I made myself some goals for this month since I knew it would be hard. number one: make some friends. here in this new environment I know absolutely nobody. thankfully I have already met a couple of new people. they all seem quite nice and fun so I hope our friendship will last. number two: stay in contact with everyone from before. this is definitely something that I will continue to always do as it’s hard to leave someone or something behind. number three: stay on top of all your work and be punctual. I haven’t thankfully gotten any work yet but I have been quite punctual so far. this month will definitely be tough but I hope that I will somehow get through it. I have to remember that this happens to loads of people and not only me. we all are experiencing the same thing. I hope that this month ends well for me.

prompt: september wakes across the road towards a unknown area. new experiences, new memories and new people await. september looks over their shoulder and sees the remains of august left behind; a bracelet, a movie ticket and a t-shirt. all from memories that once were.


september 2017 mood board

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