Fashion Week

Spring and Summer Fashion Week 2018

Dear Reader,

Fashion Week for the Spring and Summer 2018 Collection has ended. The designers from all over the world did an amazing job creating some gorgeous collections with various designs reflecting the culture of the city and themselves.

The official fashion week websites are:

Fashion Week Online

To look at the all the posts for this fashion week, you can look at the Fashion Week page under Spring/Summer 2018 to check out all posts.

This time around, if you hadn’t noticed, I slacked off quite a bit doing this fashion week. The posts didn’t really have much of a review, just a few pictures of my favourites. These posts honestly take up a long time to do and I have just started my first year at university. It’s been a lot of stress and homework. I can’t wait to see what they have stored for us in the fall for the Fall and Winter 2018  Collection. Until then, look forward to more fashion sets, fashion illustrations and more.

Dear Reader, Spring and Summer Fashion Week 2018 has come and gone, can’t wait for the next one!


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