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Sweet and Spicy

Dear Reader,

So sorry I have been away for so long. The truth is I did not have many ideas on what to add here as well as I have been super busy with so much work lately. As you can see I am also in the process of changing up this site as well.

I have been thinking for a while though to do a sort of collection with different articles of clothing put together to create an outfit. Here is my first one: Sweet and Spicy.

sweet and spicy

This outfit is a mixture of sweet and spicy. The perfect combination if you are like me who wants to have a little sweet and girly style mixed in with a little edge. The girly side compliments with the Gray Skirt and the Lacey Tank, with the small Crystal Heart Pendant on the Choker. The Side that is edgier would have to be the Leather Jacket with Hoodie and defiantly the Gray Sneaker Wedges. I absolutely adore Sneaker Wedges as they are the perfect combination of making me taller and having some bad girl attitude with it! Overall I am in love with this combination!!! The links are below for the entire outfit.

Choies – Gray Mesh Skirt with PU Waist

Ardene – Coral V-Neck Tank with Lace

Amazon – BJ Womens Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Hoodie

Go Jane – Basically Perfect Skinny Jeans

Ardene – Gray Leather Sneaker Wedges with Zippers

Claies – Velvety Choker Necklace with Pave Crystal Heart Pendant

Dear Reader, the sweet and spicy combination will be the best for any day (or night)!


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