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    day one – poisonous

    dear reader, happy inktober! i’m so excited for this month! i’ve been waiting for this for a long time because I’ve had art block for a while, and with inktober and fashion week happening i’m so inspired and want to put out all my ideas! i would like to say that i won’t be posting an inktober piece every single day, on both this blog and my Instagram. this is because I am honestly probably the busiest this month. however, i will be posting a collection of them together every few days as posts on Instagram. of course, I will do a final post for the final collection of inktober…

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    an end to august

    dear reader, the first time, fourteen posts. the second time, eighteen. the third time, thirty-one posts! it’s true i guess, third times a¬†charm! this time i finally did it. i finally was able to complete beda, blogging every day for a month in august. there were a lot of times where i was unsure of what to post, and even some late night posts. there were many stressful times during this month where i didn’t even know why i decided to do this. i mean, i had to complete four courses, with an exam or test in each one. i had to my own personal job that i’ve been doing…

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    lil landscapes

    a few lil¬†sketches i did a couple months ago of landscapes that i love with a few notes about them below denmark .¬†small colourful buildings in rows along the water canal . small boats lined up along the edges of the river .¬†a beautiful instagram worthy view .¬†|| a little farmhouse in the pararies¬†on a clif .¬†pen on the side where animals stay .¬†there is a thatched roof with hay .¬†there is a body of water on the other side of the clif¬†.¬†around the area of where poldark is filmed .¬†|| hobbiton¬†.¬†baggend .¬†bilbo baggins¬†door to his house .¬†red door, wooden frames, and bushes all around .¬†“i think i’m quite ready…

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    a few more notes about me

    dear reader, there is not a lot about my character online as I am anonymous and wish to stay as such due to‚Ķ reasons. anywho, I thought it would be nice for you to know a bit more about me. i have done this in the past, so if you would like to read that post, click here. so, here we go! i am currently¬†doing a degree in mathematics my dream job would be to be a teacher, while doing arts¬†on the side! i am absolutely¬†obsessed with¬†history and will read¬†history¬†books¬†for fun. i love reading a lot¬†about the¬†islamic¬†golden age, as well as¬†about the history of math. (yes i know, it’s kind…

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    furrylittlepeach doodle

    website: http://www.furrylittlepeach.com/ a lil doodle inspired by Sha'an d'Anthes (aka, @furrylittlepeach) she is an illustrator, exhibiting artist and published author. last year, she released her children's book called Zoom, and it's fantastic! from the story to the illustrations! everything she does is absolutely gorgeous! sha'an's style is unique to her and its gorgeous! yes i'm saying gorgeous a lot but you will understand once you see her work! you should also check her studio vlogs on her youtube. they are so inspiring and beautiful and perfect to watch along while working or doing some art yourself. website | youtube | instagram | twitter | tumblr 

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    here are a few of my favourite things

    glasses at the end of my nose | round glasses | people with freckles¬†and red hair | nice sunsets | slow mornings | saturday¬†cartoons | glitter | friends | talking for hours | video chatting | family nights | board games | books | art | illustrations | colours | rainbows | a nice breeze on a hot day | old books | old people | vintage anything | heel wedges | ice capps¬†from tims¬†| french¬†tucks | avocados¬†| bomber jackets | long hair | design | fashion | book stores | old bookstores | small plants | hanging plants | sweat¬†tea | window seats | snow days | libraries |…

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    a lil art adventure

    tuesday, july¬†seventeen, twenty-eighteen today one of my good friend (@nagayamaaa on instagram¬†#spon) and I went on a little art adventure together. we first went the local art gallery where we found only a small art exhibit and ended up staying for about half an hour just talking and looking through each other's sketchbooks. we ended up going to a nearby library and collecting a bunch of books about film, art, photography and ended up sitting for hours and just drawing. cause why not. this is what we do. afterwords we ended up going to the mall to get timmies and ended up having a washi tape¬†hunt. i left out a…

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    blogging everyday in august – twenty-eighteen

    Dear Reader, Here I am again committing to this challenge of posting something new every day this month. I’ve decided that after being away for almost four months, I would take a month to post every single day. I’m so excited to post again that I have been writing up and saving up these posts just for this. I really hope that this time I will actually be able to fully commit¬†and complete this challenge. I know that I have some important events happening during this month, but I will try my best to have posts ready from beforehand. This month i’m hoping to post more writing that I have…