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    furrylittlepeach doodle

    website: http://www.furrylittlepeach.com/ a lil doodle inspired by Sha'an d'Anthes (aka, @furrylittlepeach) she is an illustrator, exhibiting artist and published author. last year, she released her children's book called Zoom, and it's fantastic! from the story to the illustrations! everything she does is absolutely gorgeous! sha'an's style is unique to her and its gorgeous! yes i'm saying gorgeous a lot but you will understand once you see her work! you should also check her studio vlogs on her youtube. they are so inspiring and beautiful and perfect to watch along while working or doing some art yourself. website | youtube | instagram | twitter | tumblr 

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    blogging everyday in august – twenty-eighteen

    Dear Reader, Here I am again committing to this challenge of posting something new every day this month. I’ve decided that after being away for almost four months, I would take a month to post every single day. I’m so excited to post again that I have been writing up and saving up these posts just for this. I really hope that this time I will actually be able to fully commit and complete this challenge. I know that I have some important events happening during this month, but I will try my best to have posts ready from beforehand. This month i’m hoping to post more writing that I have…

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    memories of twenty-seventeen

    dear reader, this past year has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions and memories. i have had many ups and many downs this year. many heartbreaks, many headaches and many memories made through all this. many goals were set. a few broke halfway through due to circumstances and some actually made it through to the other side. my life in general has been kind of rough this past month due to personal matters that I’ve tried to deal with but gave up half way through. the heartache has been enough to last me a while. my year however, was filled with laughs and cries due to a few chapters…

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    the heart sings with joy

    the past few weeks have been the same day in and day out. lectures to go to. problems to solve. pages and pages of notes to revise and rewrite. in and out of university, constantly doing something productive. whether it may be homework, notes, readings, writing, inktober and so on. i haven’t been able to do something for myself with someone else in a while. this weekend has been filled with catching up with all my friends who have now been spread out. through text and video chat and even meeting with a good friend. video chatting for an hour in the middle of the night catching up and talking about…

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    the settlement of unhappiness

    I haven’t felt a moment of peace, a moment of complete silence, a moment of relaxation in such a long while. it has seemed like forever ago since I could feel my chest being lifted and floating away. no heaviness of deadlines, ignorance and self-doubt weighing me down. no fogged or clouded head weighing me down once again. the ability to be in the moment. the ability to be able to focus and not have everything so cloudy. the ability for it to not look as if i’m looking through a television screen. the ability to be able to be by myself but surrounded with others at the same time. the…

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    life update

    dear reader, as seen through the many posts in the past few weeks or months, I have been going through a change within my life. a graduation to the next level has come out of it, and it is both for better and for worse. at the moment, it seems for the worse due to none of my friends or experiences coming along with me for the future experiences.

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    cold winds fading in the april heat

    cold winds fading in the april heat by saamstaa This look is simple and minimalistic as to colours and design. The look consists of an oversized cuffed tan and gray coloured coat, a short gray turtleneck, and wide-legged light washed jeans. Accessories include a gray beanie, a pair of gray boots, and a gray and tan coloured scarf. Additionally, glasses, a watch and phone case are added. This look overall reminds me of someone wearing it when the snow is melting and the cold winds are fading away, whilst flowers bloom underneath all the cold. #spring sally lapointe grey pullover (farfetch.com) | hooded faux shearling coat (romwe.com) | helmut lang loose fit jeans (theoutnet.com) |…

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    beda – blogging everyday in april

    Dear Reader, Yes. I am going to attempt to blog everyday in April. I was planning to actually commit and blog for 26 days this month to do the A-Z Challenge, which is basically blogging each day with a post that has a topic that starts with the letter of the day. Here is where you can learn more about it. I quickly gave up on that idea when I realized I forgot to post the spring polyvore collection in March, and I have a specific format for that. Not only that, but I wasn’t able to come up with topic ideas relating back to the A-Z Challenge. Also, I…