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    here are a few of my favourite things

    glasses at the end of my nose | round glasses | people with freckles and red hair | nice sunsets | slow mornings | saturday cartoons | glitter | friends | talking for hours | video chatting | family nights | board games | books | art | illustrations | colours | rainbows | a nice breeze on a hot day | old books | old people | vintage anything | heel wedges | ice capps from tims | french tucks | avocados | bomber jackets | long hair | design | fashion | book stores | old bookstores | small plants | hanging plants | sweat tea | window seats | snow days | libraries |…

  • Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA),  Reader

    more favourite designers

    Elie Saab style: feminine and elegant website: http://www.eliesaab.com/    Giambattista Valli style: classic and feminine website: http://www.giambattistavalli.com/  joie  style: modern and classy website: https://www.joie.com/ Leanne Marshall style: feminine and elegant website: http://www.leannemarshall.com/  Zuhair Murad style: feminine and elegant website: http://www.zuhairmurad.com/

  • Blogging Everyday in August (BEDA),  Reader

    favourite designers

    ALBERTA FERRETTI style: feminine and elegant website: https://www.albertaferretti.com/ Alexis Mabille style: elegant mixed with a street style website: http://www.alexismabille.com/   ANNIESA HASIBUAN style: feminine and modest website: http://anniesahasibuan.com/   ANTONIO GRIMALDI style: feminine, elegant and light website: http://antoniogrimaldi.com/ CARVEN style: elegant, light and petit website: https://www.carven.com/ CHRISTIAN DIOR style: feminine and elegant website: https://www.dior.com/