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    Winter 2017

    Dear Reader, This past week, I have posted outfits for the Winter 2017 Collection which consists of some of the trends seen this past year and season which I love. Not only that, but these are some main styles that I have been loving for a while now. As you can see, this collection has a very specific theme surrounding the main colours of Winter. If you have been following my blog, you will have seen that I post monthly mood boards. This month is basically a combination of blues, whites and silver to represent what I feel this season is like. The colour palette is basically inspired from my December Mood Board and what…

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    pastel paradise

    Dear Reader, This collection was inspired by my love for pastel colours which I’ve loved since absolutely forever. I’ve wanted to do this since forever and I love all the looks. These looks actually were saved in my drafts for well over a year as they were going to be part of a completely different collection. This is what turned out to be. pastel paradise by saamstaa Dear reader, I hope you enjoy these looks! samsta<3

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    skater girl

    skater girl by saamstaa this outfit is perfect for a day out. it’s named skater girl as it seems like an outfit that one would probably wear. from the colours of the look to the accessories. the look consists of a gray mini skirt, a white tee, and gray converse. accessories include a gray watch and a beanie. #pastel #summer ragbone white crop top (stylebop.com) | etre cecile mini skirt (farfetch.com) | converse glitter shoes (bloomingdales.com) | cluse rose gold jewelry (trouva.com) | icebreaker beanie cap (backcountry.com) 

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    cold winds fading in the april heat

    cold winds fading in the april heat by saamstaa This look is simple and minimalistic as to colours and design. The look consists of an oversized cuffed tan and gray coloured coat, a short gray turtleneck, and wide-legged light washed jeans. Accessories include a gray beanie, a pair of gray boots, and a gray and tan coloured scarf. Additionally, glasses, a watch and phone case are added. This look overall reminds me of someone wearing it when the snow is melting and the cold winds are fading away, whilst flowers bloom underneath all the cold. #spring sally lapointe grey pullover (farfetch.com) | hooded faux shearling coat (romwe.com) | helmut lang loose fit jeans (theoutnet.com) |…

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    Spring 2016 Collection

    Dear Reader, This past week, a new outfit was posted every day on Polyvore. With these outfits I created a collection filled with spring styles and colours to represent the spring of 2016. The styles included in the outfits which are trending included small pleated designs which could be seen in the skirts, ruffles which can be seen in the skirts as well and denim. Most of the colours in the collection are also in style including Fiesta, Peach Echo, Buttercup, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Lilac Gray and Iced Coffee. I enjoyed creating these outfits and I hope you enjoy looking through the collection as well. spring 2016 by saamstaa Dear Reader, enjoy…

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    Floral Mist Tulle Skirt

    floral mist tulle skirt by saamstaa Lilac gray coloured accessories with a white crop top, gray jean jacket and to complete the look is a blue floral mist tulle skirt. helmut land crop top (matchesfashion.com) | carmakoma denim jacket (navabi.co.uk) | chicwish floral skirt (chicwish.com) | falke grey socks (zalando.co.uk) | rag & bone leather booties | skagen watch (bloomingdales.com) | icebreaker beanie cap (backcountry.com)