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    furrylittlepeach doodle

    website: http://www.furrylittlepeach.com/ a lil doodle inspired by Sha'an d'Anthes (aka, @furrylittlepeach) she is an illustrator, exhibiting artist and published author. last year, she released her children's book called Zoom, and it's fantastic! from the story to the illustrations! everything she does is absolutely gorgeous! sha'an's style is unique to her and its gorgeous! yes i'm saying gorgeous a lot but you will understand once you see her work! you should also check her studio vlogs on her youtube. they are so inspiring and beautiful and perfect to watch along while working or doing some art yourself. website | youtube | instagram | twitter | tumblr 

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    the feeling of inspiration comes through different bursts of light that comes every so often to me. these days the only inspiration i am getting is for projects that i am able to only do in the coming future. this moment, right now, at two am, i am uninspired to do anything. anything at all. no homework. no work. no art. no writing. no editing. no nothing. all i feel like doing and wanting to do is lay beneath the stars either quietly by myself, or with a friend who can assist me by letting me rest my thoughts and my head and my heart on to them without being…

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    Inspiration and Influences

    Dear Reader. We all are people and usually we get inspiration from others to start what we love. In truth, I have always loved sewing. Why? My mother is a seamstress not professionally but is known around our neighborhood and is able to alter and stitch for others. When we were younger and even now, she always made most of out clothes traditional and cultural, as they were two very different for us. As I grew older, my inspiration for different outfits came from people that I saw walking around the streets, going into stores and seeing new clothes, looking through magazines and seeing what the stars are wearing. Seeing what’s…