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    swinging into the new year

    swinging into the new year by saamstaa A stripy full sleeve shirt under a bold red swing dress makes the perfect combination. (get it? swinging into the new year? 😛 ) The black leggings are added perfecting the cozy look. To accessorise, glasses and a beanie are added. Frilly socks and heeled boots are added to the look when needing to step out into the world. jacquemus white tee (thewebster.us) | wearall red tank top (werall.com) | oasis high-waisted pants (oasis-stores.com) | river island ankle socks (riverisland.com) | lace up booties (jcpenny.com) | keds red hat (jcpenney.com) | zerouv clear lens glasses (popmap.com) 

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    Winter 2016

    Dear Reader, This past week, a new outfit has been posted each day on Polyvore to create the Winter 2016 Collection. I am absolutely in love with all these styles and even the arrangement I created to post each piece in the look. This collection was inspired by a few trends going around this season, especially with the capes and the plaid print. Most however, are just some styles and outfits that I have been loving lately. As you can see almost every look has a high neck or a collared look for the top. The bottoms are just flared jeans which I’ve been obsessed with since forever. I enjoyed creating…

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    Collared Leather Coat

    collared leather coat The sixth look of the Winter 2016 Polyvore collection has the main centre piece of a maroon collared coloured coat. This coat is gorgeous and something I haven’t seen with the collared and buttons all to the top, the short flared look it brings, and the sleeves with a tight end to it. It gives off such a beautiful elegant look to the outfit. The coat is paired with flared jeans, a maroon beanie, small booties, a satchel and a phone case. The whole look is perfect when going out and especially when ice skating as it will show off the flare the coat may bring when…

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    High Neck Poncho

    high neck poncho by saamstaa The fifth look for the Winter 2016 Polyvore Collection consists of a high neck maroon poncho, and flared jeans. High heeled maroon boots and a maroon beanie are added. To accessorize, a watch, phone case, bracelet and rings are added. This look is again perfect when walking around outside in the cold, or cozying up at home. #Winter2016 dark red sweater (genuine-people.com) | twenty stretchy top (intermixonline.com) | stella mccartney high waisted flare jeans (net-a-porter.com) | faux suede booties (gojane.com) | abbott lyon suede jewelry (wolfandbadger.com) | madewell jewelry (shopbop.com) | keds beanie cap hat (jcpenney.com) 

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    Autumn 2016

    Dear Reader, This past week, a new outfit was posted every day on Polyvore. With these outfits, I created a collection filled with autumn styles and trends that have been seen throughout the autumn of 2016, as well as the Fall and Winter 2016 Fashion Week. Some of the styles that can be seen throughout the collection are denim, flared sleeves, a renaissance look, sweaters, school girl sweaters, and a navy blue overcoat. A post on Elle helped me narrow my options as to these few and common trends which have been seen. I enjoyed creating these sets and I hope you will enjoy looking through them autumn 2016 by saamstaa Dear Reader, enjoy…

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    High-Low Sweater and Beanie in Maroon

    high-low sweater and beanie in maroon by saamstaa The second outfit for the autumn 2016 collection consists of the consistent theme of maroon and black for the look. A high-low sweater is paired with a pair of black skinny jeans, maroon heeled lace-up boots and a beanie. This look is perfect for school or even just a casual day out. #autumn2016 round neck top (beautifulhalo.com) | closed skinny fit jeans (farfetch.com) | platform heel boots (jcpenney.com) | elizabeth and james handbags crossbody (bloomingdales.com) | larsson jennings water-resistant watch (larssonandjennings.com) | ribbon choker (romwe.com) | keds beanie cap (jcpenney.com) | casetify iphone case (casetify.com) 

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    Colour Block Sweater – Hibs

    colour block sweater – hibs by saamstaa To one of my best friends – Hibs! Her style is loose sweatshirts or sweaters with skinny jeans and some keds. Since pink is one of her favourite colours, the colour theme is shades of pink, gray and black. Have an amazing birthday Hibs! red hooded sweatshirt (marykool.com) | denim skinny jeans (newlook.com) | keds dark grey shoes (kohls.com) | fossil jewelry (macys.com) 

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    Winter 2015 Collection

    Dear Reader, The past few days I have been consistently posting new outfits from Polyvore, and with the outfits, I created a full collection of my favourite winter styles and outfits that I absolutely love. They are a variety of coats, footwear, and accessories. Altogether I feel as they have made an amazing collection with a variety of colours I enjoyed working around. winter 2015 by saamstaa Dear Reader, enjoy the winter weather and its fashion trends. samsta <3

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    Maroon in the Winter Moon

    maroon in the winter moon by saamstaa A full black on black ensemble, with a checkered poncho, heal boots and a beanie to add some colour. majestic filatures black tank (farfetch.com) | berberry poncho (burberry.com) | miss selfridge destroyed skinny jeans (missselfridge.com) | faux suede booties (cicihot.com) | keds knit beanie (jcpenney.com) | black gloves (pinkqueen.com)