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    writing prompt: who is summer to you summer is the one you’ve always loved. she would come and go throughout your life multiple times, but would always leave behind the best memories for you to savour and cherish along the years. she brings happiness everywhere she goes, shining brightly and showing everyone what she’s capable of. summer is the confident one who loves to show what she has done. although credit is never given to spring who helped along the way, creating something so beautiful with her heartache and pain from what came before. everyone and every little thing¬†smiles when she comes by. savouring this time, and enjoying their time…

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    a lil art adventure

    tuesday, july¬†seventeen, twenty-eighteen today one of my good friend (@nagayamaaa on instagram¬†#spon) and I went on a little art adventure together. we first went the local art gallery where we found only a small art exhibit and ended up staying for about half an hour just talking and looking through each other's sketchbooks. we ended up going to a nearby library and collecting a bunch of books about film, art, photography and ended up sitting for hours and just drawing. cause why not. this is what we do. afterwords we ended up going to the mall to get timmies and ended up having a washi tape¬†hunt. i left out a…

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    a mini summer moodboard

    summer /ňąs…ôm…ôr/ full of memories. long chats outside of tims. going to bookstores and talking for hours. movie marathons. long conversations late at night. laughter at the most random times. a text in the morning. long hour video calls to the friend many miles away. lazing around on the weekend doing nothing. reading books. spending time with your loved ones. long bike rides. barbeques and picnics. seeing old friends. taking polaroids. creating art with a friend. happiness radiating all around. PINTEREST BOARD summer twenty-eighteen pinterest¬†mood board

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    memories of twenty-seventeen

    dear reader, this past year has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions and memories. i have had many ups and many downs this year. many heartbreaks, many headaches and many memories made through all this. many goals were set. a few broke halfway through due to circumstances and some actually made it through to the other side. my life in general has been kind of rough this past month due to personal matters that I’ve tried to deal with but gave up half way through. the heartache has been enough to last me a while. my year however, was filled with laughs and cries due to a few chapters…

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    Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2018

    Dear Reader, Fashion Week has begun! It’s actually been more than a week since it’s began but life got in the way of posting. However, here I am!¬†Please do not expect these posts to come all at once as they take some time and I have been quite busy lately. Anyways, I am really excited to share with you guys my thoughts on everything! Let me tell you, I have already looked through many that have already come out and I am in love. ¬†Here are all dates that the fashion weeks will be running including their website particular for the cities fashion weeks. New York: September 7 – 14…

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    tea pink satin

    tea pink satin by saamstaa this look is perfect for a night out, or a semi-formal party. the look consists of a high neck tea pink satin top with a black skirt with a black striped overlay. tea pink accessories include wedged boots, a satchel, phone case and a watch. #summer #classy warehouse high neckline crop top (warehouse.co.uk) | flared skirt (choies.com) | gianvito rossi suede ankle boots (mytheresa.com) | sasha brown handbag (c21stores.com) | nine west pink jewelry (macys.com) | casetify iphone case (casetify.com) 

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    pastel paradise

    Dear Reader, This collection was inspired by my love for pastel colours which I’ve loved since absolutely forever. I’ve wanted to do this since forever and I love all the looks. These looks actually were saved in my drafts for well over a year as they were going to be part of a completely different collection. This is what turned out to be. pastel paradise¬†by¬†saamstaa Dear reader, I hope you enjoy these looks! samsta<3

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    pastel pink flare

    pastel pink flare¬†by saamstaa this look is very me to say the least. it’s completely pink and gold, and has a flowy material for the dress, and it has the flat oxford shoes. this look consists of a light pinkish peach flared dress with a pair of light pink oxford flat shoes. accessories include a colour combination of pastel pink and gold, which consists of a phone case, watch, a necklace and a few rings. #pastel #summer splendid slip-on shoes (splendid.com) | rachel¬†jackson¬†long necklace (wolfandbadger.com) | nine west watch¬†(macys.com)¬†

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    pastel gingham

    pastel gingham by saamstaa this is perfect for a quick outfit to throw on. this look consists of a pastel purple gingham dress that is quite wide and loose. accessories include white shoes, a white and gold watch, gold rings, and glasses. #pastel #summer scoop neck dress (chicnova.com) | beyond skin shoes (beyond-skin.com) | kate spade rose gold tone watch (katespade.com) | madewell jewelry (shopbop.com) | oversized round glasses (shopzerouv.com) 

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    pastel blue chiffon

    pastel blue chiffon by saamstaa this look is elegant and sweet, and perfect for a summer party. the look consists of a pastel blue chiffon skirt and a high neck light coloured top, which is paired with pastel blue classic heels (which I absolutely adore). accessories include a pastel satchel, a watch and a simple necklace. #pastel #summer puma shirt (farfetch.com) | sonia by sonia rykiel chiffon skirt (theoutnet.com) | high heel shoes (americanapparel.net) | chanel blue purse (lanecrawford.com) | native gem chain necklace (shopbop.com)