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    Boho Style 2016

    Dear Reader, This past week, two new sets were posted on Polyvore every day with the theme of boho as Coachella is coming up very soon. These outfits included many pieces that are necessary for a complete boho look. Some of these pieces included fedoras, flower crowns, boots, chockers, rings, lace, knitted pieces and so much more. The bohemian style is one of my favourites, so it was necessary for me to create so amazing sets for the theme which I enjoyed making. I  hope you enjoy looking through the outfits! boho style 2016 by saamstaa Dear Reader, enjoy the looks! samsta<3

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    Floral Swing Dress in Maroon

    floral swing dress in maroon by saamstaa The set is a maroon theme, with black and silver accessories. The colours on the dress go nicely with the accessories added of rings, necklaces, and a phone case. The fedora and heeled boots of maroon colour compliment the dress nicely. #boho strappy swing dress (yoins.com) | high heel ankle booties (jcpenney.com) | summer skin felt fedora | wet seal rhinestone ring (wetseal.com) 

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    Fall 2015 Collection

    Dear Reader, This past week if you have notices, I have been posting straight for a week consisting of 7 fall outfits that I have created on Polyvore. This collections includes a variety of colours and styles but go together with the overall theme of fall to it. From beanies to oversized sweaters to footwear, this collection is perfect for fall. I love this collection as I have created it with my own style mixed with the styles for fall including colours. I hope you guys have enjoyed the collection. fall 2016 by saamstaa Dear Reader, prepare for more soon to come. samsta <3

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    Boho Fall Outfit

    boho fall outfit by saamstaa A bohemian styles outfit mixed perfect for the fall. With the rings, lace and rimmed hat, the outfit goes great together. loose pullover (pinkqueen.com) | j brand distressing jeans (farfetch.com) | platform ankle booties (jcpenney.com) | wet seal marble ring (wetseal.com) | summer skin felt fedora